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About character and vehicle design.

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    About character and vehicle design.

    Okay, I think Epic have already plans for this, but let's share ideas!

    I personally would make character design faction-based like UT2k4, ie characters in a team share characteristics (the bulky armors of Juggernauts for example), but still have uniqueness (there's room for improvement since UT2k4 on this, hopefully we won't have reskins or differnt heads on a body anymore).

    The general design ideas of UT3 factions weren't bad, but characters lacked that extra personality (and devolving sometimes in the Space Marine like bland design). I would love to see Izanagi (Asian themed) and Necris (say anything about unnecessary details, but the black-alien-weird look was a step in the right direction for distinguish them, Necris in ut2k4 were a joke.) make it back with the UT2k4 philosophy. I also vote for return of the factions of UT2k4, except maybe Empire (the cool characters like MrCrow can be independent) and Egyptian (except if their look differs more from modernized pharaoh ********).

    In short: make characters like they belong to a faction but still somewhat unique in their own.

    About vehicles: UT3 had this thing in Warfare maps where we could have Axon/Necris vehicle warfare. Adding such a logic back (making vehicle pool choosable by host on usability logic for each team: fast and fragile, heavy hitter, ultra big and powerful...) would be a plus for the new UT I think, even if there's obviously the balance issue, but community exists for pointing out balancing flaws/whining when such flaws are fixed right ?

    Personally, I'd like to see all the characters from the whole game series thrown in, keeping their most classic appearances (Brock and Lauren's appearances changed too much as did many others).

    Another race I'd be interested to see make a return after taking a backseat after Unreal, was the big headed Mercenary guys with the shields, they would make for a good team in the tournament with more background.

    Storywise from the previous titles, there's characters who have been left on cliff hangers who, in the case of this being the last UT (which I'd hope it isn't), need clearing up..

    Prisoner 849 could make an appearance? even as a Necris to explain the year difference?

    Brock and Lauren, Brock forged a new team in UC2 with Lilith and Calypso.

    Xan Kriegor, is he human? (UT99)

    Reaper dies.

    Plus a fair few others.