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    Nali War Cow

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    The art/model looks pretty awesome, but the nali war cow(s) had a cutsie voicepack, most of us remember the "mooo!" and the cow's seemingly innocent personality.

    This one looks like it would snarl/bark at you, it doesn't look like it would even be capable of mooing.


      Hi ChA1NsAw,

      [kidding] hooly, what should think the Childrens[/kidding]

      Se7en +1 (you're right)


      oh holy, it's a crewl enemy ! For an Cave or as Guard indoor for an entry ..

      but.. an fail as Cow .. really,
      stay more on the cow less as an "enemybrutal2feetstayingkiller"
      it makes "mooooohhhh" and not "graaacchhhhh miammmiammm"

      UT99 have since it exist his pet Warcow, if you know what i meant,
      and this mus be like a warcow and not like an Alien enemy..

      this alien what you has created, it's really pretty well as enemy but not as warcow

      and you whant build up an real cow of war ? something like the rabbit of unreal .. something
      in direction of unreal1 / Unreal2 Rabbit.. but just an cow in this direction and
      on your old Picture, this maybe more alive

      maybe as an bit help and an bit study :

      The Unreal Cow it's normally an cow of the Nali's :
      An pet for generating meat and behind the backyard.. up to UT,
      in UT become the Cow mow war

      and someone has feel very familiar with it

      there this is the Nalicow in any positions :

      and jo, make me but correctly

      aaand by the way.. if you create first an real NAlicow, can we take it for the Unreal1 Revival you know ))))))
      and then make different addon's and arming upgrades for this Nalicow upto other skins and so furhter ))
      this is maybe the best way for building up an real correct and really pretty well made Warcow
      who can say nobody, this is not an warcow

      best regards
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        The critter on the left is a Gears of War Brumak. They are a bit too large to be a Warcow, at about 15 meters tall weighting more than 16 tons.
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          bring the warcow back!!! I've seen some Titans passing by at the hand of KazeoHin (FlakMaker)
          You should aim it at him chainsaw

          about the new cow.. wtf. evil.
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            Irridium, an 16 Tonn's Warcow.. naaaa......
            like Crotale told, an other version want be better placed
            an Nali like war cow, she's fight easy only back

            This beast , War Brumak it's easy too bloodthirsty and heavily ... (16tonns huhh..)
            but an more smaller version in direction 400Kg's may be not bad as Gatekeeper or something ..

            best regards


              Please bring us the war cow once again i must have him back