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[FAN ART] Unreal Championship 2 Xan Mk IV w/ Flak Cannon

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    Really cool stuff YemYam. Love the intricate bits around the neck. - That head would make a badass helmet!


      Can you say 'BOSS BATTLE!?'


        i like the Robot well done YemYam !
        The Flag.. humm.. fan art.. (imho an bit oversized.. but, look's not bad.. *s* )
        ( i want more see an ultra gore.. more blood effects like in Naliweapons3 should be able for activating *bg* )

        best regards


          Originally posted by FrostbyteGR View Post
          That headpiece looks menacing from the side.. I would suggest you literally copy paste it into a slimmer, more edgy, robot body - and that would make a helluva model!

          Yeah, exactly like my thoughts. Remove those "wings and prongs", add leggs - perfect Xan Mk4. I would recommend to stay true to the sketch, looks better than render, guess it went too far from original concept.


            Something like this too polished to not develop and use. The chest and shoulder pads are much too fat but if they were scaled to consistent with proportions (or slightly slightly bigger) with other characters and legs were added, I'd be all over it.

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              Originally posted by KazeoHin-TechAE View Post
              Can you say 'BOSS BATTLE!?'
              Definitely. I want to bring this guy in to the engine as a monster that can be used in a SP / Coop / Invasion gametype.
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                i just hope he gets legs.. This is the SICKEST bad-*** xan i've seen EVER..
                But he needs legs imo
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                  Now that I think of it, the overal art direction, lines, shapes, hexagons.. Someone must've been watching Neon Genesis Evangelion that period, eh YemYam?
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                    Nice work! I really like this char :P


                      Originally posted by YemYam View Post
                      I guess I felt sorry for him and obligated to bring him to life in his original legless form.
                      Wait, did Xan originally not have legs or is this just a woosh on my part? JW because I have some long term plans for a small 'Origins' campaign for Xan, should I be imagining him as legless?


                        precisely really well, also the shoulder pads also,
                        looks as general view really nice and perfectly the whole view
                        and by the way, different peoples have different liking ..
                        and the polished .. really, it's a matter of opinion .. and i like it how it is ..

                        it's in direction of skynet and Galactica ... and it's really good hit !
                        i like the mix of it .. an hovering bot, see not every day..

                        best regards
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                          I've already stated how much I loved this concept and the old high poly model.
                          I'm really glad you worked on it more, and it looks even better without the glowing stripes that are in the concepts.
                          I know it's all a matter of taste, but I love everything about this. Fins, blades and all.
                          Looks like a fantastic evolution, getting away from the boxy blocky look.
                          -But yes, legs would be a must.

                          Originally posted by YemYam View Post
                          Of course we will have tons of variety with the bots. Last I recall there were 3 different bot factions and they could all have a unique style.

                          As far as weapons first up I'm going to finish the UC2 Ripjack and give it to Wail for his ripper prototype.
                          Click image for larger version

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                            I think fiction wise Xan has always had legs. This concept was an experiment outside of fiction, just a test to see how crazy you could get with the robot designs. Obviously "Ant" went a little too crazy and that's why it was not included in UC2. I was sad but ended up liking the new bot "Raptor" just as much, especially his 1p Liandri Rivet Gun.

                            Thanks for all of the comments, it was a ton of fun to revisit an old model like this. UC2 still holds a lot of sentimental value to me being my first Epic game!
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                              humm.. YemYam,

                              let any decide by self, load it up as Free Skin, for anybody use, because be really pity if go this in the Trash !

                              i will be happy if i can use some Skin .., because, you be only an Rider in front,
                              i be certainly come more of this Bot's also hovering.. you have it there with injected now !
                              and by the way, Hovering and anti gravity it's an cool thing ! Do you not believe ?
                              It's easy an alien and Unreal thing.. for be "UNREAL" .. you know ..
                              And be not shy to make it easy and let you not unsettle therewith !

                              let it easy exist for peoples who loves something.. !


                              best, best regards
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