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Projekt59s Character Thread

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    Projekt59s Character Thread

    Hello UT Community

    I play UT since UT2003 and its my all time favorite game. And I always wanted an own unique Character. So for UT2003/4 I used to make a Skin for the Remus/Romulus model because it was to difficult for me to make a whole 3D model at that time.
    But for UT4 I would like to have also an own 3D Character model. So I decided to learn Blender and make one. This is my first 3D model so please don't deal too severely with me.

    Btw if someone got a tutorial for rigging and importing the character in UT4 (Skeleton, Ini?) I would be grateful.

    Old UT2003/4 Skin for Remus model:

    my new 3D model maybe for UT4:

    Turntable Animation

    with kind regards
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    ooohhhhh... holy !
    look's nice .. and and when I saw the feet ... uuhmm.. ookey, really nice !
    can you make it more realistic ? so, as so it's pretty nice !
    but more sharper enclosures between the shields of material and the others.. sorry,
    my english it's not really well.. but the enclosures between the green armour and the black one.. be like fused/merged
    ..and looks not so real like it can be, this i am noticed .. just only the intricacies of it

    do you know , which reminds me of the ?
    the strips blue and need only the head an bit other, alienlike
    as 2nd character maybe ? if you have maby fun for create an Mercenary?

    but as so, very pretty nice work )))))
    auf deutsch: der hammer ! (k├Ânnte man auch im Unreal1 revival nemen ich mein den merc)

    best regards
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      Thanks for your feedback Blacky
      I know what you mean and I will try to make the materialdifference more clear. Maybe I should add a little bit more shadow at the material changes.
      Unfortunately I never played Unreal, just Unreal Tournament. But I will check out the remake for sure ^^
      best regards


        you're welcome oh, nice, UT99 ? if yes, can you check out ut99 Monsterhunt ,
        try out : Serverinfo Test the Stronger monsterhunt, with dribble jump
        There do you see all known Monsters in different maps also the merc's
        best regards


          Any updates? I would love to see it in the marketplace.