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Forgotten living machines - Idea sketch

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    Forgotten living machines - Idea sketch

    Example story:

    Name: Leandric Machine
    Type: System Protection tournament
    Action: Protection from hackers
    Version: the first version
    Usage: Out of date. Not currently in use.


    In the first virtual tournaments, this system was used as a defense, the match against hackers who were against of Unreal Tournament.

    Hackers could strongly influence the cards that were active during the tournament. They could remotely help a person who was in the tournament,
    changing the card code could hack Number of chuck, edit, or life skills of the participant.

    Because of these break-ins of tournaments were visibly facts imbalance in some matches.
    This reduced the ratings of the tournament. Liandri accused of fraud, and that the company specifically helps some participants,
    or vice versa quickly destroys not relevant participants.

    Therefore, corporations Liandri created the first system of protection - Leandric Machine.

    To change the map or the outcome of the tournament, hackers have created a similar system that was in the corporation.
    Man can hit a virtual machine as well as the party only through cracking system. He appeared on the map as a clone of
    one of the participants of the tournament, with the only difference that he was immortal mk used a special protection system.
    And inside the card he could help man.

    To stop the attack hacker intrusions, Liandri connected modes of protection.
    This system protection stalking hacker penetrated,
    and could attack or capture consciousness intruder.

    All the time the hackers to improve the system and the possibility of breaking the unofficial tournament already as mercenaries.
    As a result, the first system to protect lost and has not been able

    Corporation rethought protection and create a new version, and the first artificial protection system to archive.

    Over time, the files were duplicated and cracked. As a first victory over the protection of hackers began to use the
    image (skin) protection in the event that would make fun of Lyandri

    Since then, the first image of the protection of a corporation (Leandric Machine) has become a symbol of unofficial mercenaries who participate in the tournament!

    Guys let it be like this


    Wrote as he could, so how bad know English
    Написал как мог, так как плохо знаю английский хе-хе

    Click image for larger version

Name:	SKY2.jpg
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    Quite interesting. Care to give us a backstory?


      Love 'em. They remind me of the Nightmare team from 2k4 and of Warframes like Valkyr. I'd play as one of these.


        Hilarious and awesome. Would be a great character for UT4! Reminds me of some of the imaginative and weird character designs of 2k4.
        UT4: CTF-Defiance, CTF-Melt.
        Epic - This video made me smile:
        "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." -Aristotle


          Information update ) \m/


            That information is interesting, but a little confusing. Are you suggesting that these guys don't actually physically exist, just in cyberspace? It's already EXTREMELY canonical that Tournament matches are played out in the real world, complete with real contestants being blown apart and brought back to life with "respawn technology." I doubt Epic would want to change that. It works and is pretty unique compared to all the simulation stuff.

            If you could rework the backstory of these things to reflect that, I think it would turn out pretty nicely. Whether they're remote proxies for contestants (a way of letting disabled people participate, maybe?) or sentient machines.


              I may have misunderstood subjects unreal tournament 1999, 2003, 2004, but do yourself tournaments take place in the real world? Given a number of maps, worlds and their possible variations, the sheer fact that the tournaments take place in an unreal world, and in any artificial worlds.

              And hardly a corporation can be created for the tournament is the number of cards for battles, battle naturally are some super digital environment.

              It is probably much cooler the technologies that exist now, but it is the General of the arena. And since they are created with the help of technology, there are those who can break these technologies. Therefore, the Corporation has established protection for burglary.

              Am I wrong?


                Почему изображение не открывается?