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WIP- Unreal 1 Actors - an Photo session from the Unreal 1 Actors in UT99 Editor (MH)

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    WIP- Unreal 1 Actors - an Photo session from the Unreal 1 Actors in UT99 Editor (MH)

    Hi Peoples,

    for have an well clue and an bit guide of the Monsters from Unreal
    did i make an Photo session in the UT99 Editor wit the Unreal Monsters
    who have use in the past times for hunting.
    This pack it is for guiding to building the Real and alive and Original Unreal Monsters for our Games !
    under CC and free for all and in any case for the 3D Artist where want rebuild the alive Original Unreal Musters.

    you can download the whole Pictures there :

    All Actors from the Unreal Game.. but the small fishes, the bitter fishes be not into..
    If you create cockroach's, Horse/RottenFly's, other insects and maybe something like AlienRat's,
    do it, make the whole levels more alive

    Also Bird's like was in Unreal also or other Flying Animals, create it.. it's can be fit's also, for make it more interesting..
    The Unreal Planet it is an Alien Planet.. so.. if you have fun.. make it interesting.. with you Creations..
    we can have an alive Environment and therefore we need Animals.. and Monsters..

    and if you have some other pictures, it's maybe not bad if you make screen shoots for the 3D Artists..
    if you have some other original.

    there an couples pictures from the pack (50% smaller and ready for web, like the forum there):

    and much much more !!

    more alive it is, more usable it is.., don't forget, with this UnrealEngine it's possible for let run around alive lifeforms

    let wake up the old Unreal Spirit and let him rise again, only this time for real and alive !

    with this engine.. it is possible !

    best regards
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    it is usable ?
    best regards