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My take on the Epic Skarj Concept.

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    [CONCEPT ART] My take on the Epic Skarj Concept.

    So, I decided to just free-flow some sculpting to try and realize the Epic Skarj concept posted on this forum. I don't know how far I'll take this, but I've put about 5 hours of my life into it, so I kind-of feel obligated to keep going...

    This Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full version

    BONUS: As soon as the video is done encoding and uploading, I'll post the entire sculpting session to Youtube, start-to-now. I know a lot of people want to better learn digital sculpting, so hey, what better way to teach than to have people in on the ground-floor?

    it this the nex playable Char for UT Pre Alpha?


      look's nice for Brutalo scenery *g*

      this is an Unreal2 like brutalo Skaarj but so far well for the UT,

      an Unreal1 Skaarj look like this , if you want make an "U1-Skaarj" :

      there be an screenshootpack from the Unreal1 Actors

      best regards


        One of my favorite ones - maybe
        the chin is abit overstyled tho.
        GOod STUff HERe <<


          Never really a fan of the "hunched back" concepts for the Skaarj. Might have worked for the UT3 krall. I always thought of the Skaarj as more arrogant and noble, either upright or on a knee but never hunched. An individual that represents a warrior caste (Knight/Samurai).

          The model looks very nice, I just don't see the connection to it being a Skaarj other than the tusks.


            The body and arms/legs look to big, it looks more like unreal tournament 3 or gears of war character then something that will fit ut4.
            I suggest you make him more "skinny".

            I would take this concept as reference:
            Click image for larger version

Name:	Mortal Kombat.jpg
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ID:	335835

            Click image for larger version

Name:	skaarj_bust2.png
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              Skaarj are cool, but I hope we will not dismiss Kralls... As always, excellent modeling KazeoHin-TechAE!

              btw: imagine INVASION in new UT with Skaarj & Kralls (plus Necris and Hybrid variants of them) with them actually using the claws that they have on their hands!

              *tears of happiness*
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                HitscanGaem , not "hunched back" more, make believable.. alive the old skaarjs
                was only/should be an template for make an alive Skaarj, an Alien who be angry, if i view
                this Video:
                it is this Alien's more Skaarj's as this "nice killer kingkong liveform" what have KazeoHin-TechAE made.

                But we need alive Skaarjs, believable, Skaarjs where cut up you head with the hand.. and not an comic figure

                and i meant it therewith really not bad..

                but an mix with the Unreal1 Skaarjs and this Football Aliens and in green with an tail and more stronger muskles,
                then have we the true brutal skaarj's .

                best regards
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                  Really nice sculpting KazeoHin! I'd love to see Skaarj make a return and this looks like a solid base mesh to build off of for multiple Skaarj characters.


                    Your execution, as always, is top-notch

                    Now that I'm seeing the concept in full form though, I actually think this would be great fit for the Krall. Maybe its just me?

                    Throw some spikes on his shoulders, put a staff in his hands, and you'd get something close to this:

                    Definitely be closer than those abominations from UT3

                    Either way, looks great
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                      Why is it that all the best artists cling to this *******, hunched, digitigrade design? Could you please try slightly changing the model to an erect, plantigrade posture? Just to see how it looks?


                        LeMNaDe xD , 1. too long arms, 2. wrong head and the 3rd You be total offtiopc, this is KazeoHin-TechAE Skaarj-Tread, so, please, stay on Topic !

                        DutchHollander, maybe have he never play'd Unreal1 and Monsterhunt ut99 and want easy does his job and have no love to Unreal1 and the old monster ? This `'"-<scare>-"'´ in any case, is for ...... na, blacky, sh.. u.. *g* and i be really honestly therewith, i want no one lie on ..
                        but's it's easy my opinion.. some Peoples, have maybe an nice Character, but no clue about the real Reality in Unreal .. imho.. They are have an grate success's to make independent Monsters but not in rebuild the original Monsters into an Alive .. but they have .. had on the past an grate success with other monsters.. with all due respect and still very honestly ..

                        and i want say, i like KazeoHin-TechAE Monster, but ... only for Unreal Tournament or an non Unreal Game .. for childes ..

                        best regards
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                          I'm basing it off of the concept art at the top of the forum:

                          This Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full version

                          so, it is quite hunched over.


                            can you maybe try to do an more u1 Skaarj ? maybe ? the templates do you have now
                            it would be very nice, if you make an try again Let see you Skill, because, i believe, you can handle that !

                            take an inspiration from this :
                            with an tail, green.. well, a bit more muscles .. humm... more sharp claws and feet nails
                            Letz take an look an Football game

                            best regards
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                              So, the video is FINALLY uploaded. (my internet has been acting up, and my upload speed is at .8 Mbps, so it took a while.)

                              Sculping the Skarj, Start to now.

                              Thanks for all the feedback, everyone...

                              Originally posted by Blackcrack View Post
                              and btw, take away in you picture(Paul Stratton at bottom) the teddy hat, mak's you so .. child, take an Normal picture, because, let you not show as i child, let you see as Art Developer and Artist You an man and not an Child ! (this couple set's do i remove if you change your picture in the Signature .)..