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    Small update, my PC got rekt and I'm still waiting till the replacement parts are delivered. I can still work on my laptop (ugh) but my files are over on the PC and I'd rather not start over.
    So hang in there guys, hopefully I'll get to update this concept in a few days - a week at most.

    Originally posted by Fartuess View Post
    Chest carpace would limit his freedom of movement. Just sayin
    Think more like ventral scales on snakes' undersides and less like actual carapace.

    I've been working on fleshing out (huehue) their anatomy a bit. I'm least satisfied with their shoulders and elbow areas, so I'll make some changes there but overall it seems like after finishing up the female (and doing a back view to nail down some of the larger features there) I'll be ready to move on to their attire.
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      cool but don't forget, "less is more" but in direction of the TXXXs, this is not true *lol*
      .. wait.. be Gen Mo'Kai , milkdrinker or eggproduser ? oh well, maybe like platypus ?
      (for have something nice to looking on *lol*)

      i am looking forward 8)

      best regards