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    Well in time I suppose the number of characters present in UT4 will increases, with the return of teams present in the previous titles.

    In terms of history and lore, there's quite clear differences beetwen the Necris and Nightmares. The first one are created with a technology far advanced to what most of the other races/factions possess, in the form of a highly efficient and powerful nanotechnology, making the process more succesful and a result more appreciable. Also the cybernetics elements ,which in all honesty weren't present in every iteration of the Necris, are more towards the replacement of lost functions, adn ensure that the organism acts normally.
    Ironically it was speculated that some of the Nightmares (probably mainly Mr Crow and Arlequin) were an attempt by Liandri to recreate the Necrification process, but failed considerably. Nothing was confirmed however. What is sure that when they were experimented on, the Nightmares were supposed to be frightening murderers and killers beyond pair, but contrary to most other combattant, the tech used on them were less stable and efficient, with more "crude" cybernetics. As a result they are broken not only in mind but in body as well.

    All of this is also conveyed on their respective models : the Necris are more of alienish soldier, were the Nightmares are Frankenstein monsters.

    In my personal opinion I'm not convinced this head will fit with the Necris and their identity. But it is only my point of view. I just figured it would be nice to re-explain where this art you showed was coming from, as a reminder.