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    Hi, are you developing it in the map editor?

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  • started a topic [CONCEPT ART] CTF-Dungeon


    My map is an underground dungeon and the player has to be careful because there is little lighting with lots of dark areas. There is also a kill-zone if you miss the path then you will die. My game mode is capture the flag; the player has to get the most flags to win and must avoid enemies in order to not lose flags.

    My game mode is capture the flag, so at the start of the battle the player must find a flag and return back to base. You will be given 60 seconds of lighting whilst underground - remember that you only have 60 seconds so you have to rush back to your base. You must avoid the enemy because you will lose and the flag will return back to the capture point, however both teams have to challenge each other to win the most captures.

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