Yo guys. First of all sorry for crappy quality (with lots of mistakes) concept art which you can find below this message. It was quick drawing just to get main ideas in which direction I should go with environment design.

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What you see here is an idea for assault mode. Yes. I do realize that there is still a very long way until anything more difficult than Deathmatch mode can be made, but this is just an idea. I would really want to see assault mode back in Unreal Tournament (which unfortunately Unreal Tournament 3 didn't have) and so I am just trying to "reserve a slot" so that Assault mode would at least be marked as one of the features in game.

Now back to the concept.

One of the main things that make Unreal Tournament so enjoyable is the pace of the game. It's fast and smooth. I believe that now with Unreal Engine 4 we could enhance that experience.
For example the map you see here would be similar to AS-Convoy from Unreal Tournament 2004. You need to get to the front of the train, take control of the control room and open cargo bay so certain baggage could be extracted. Now to spice things up I am thinking of adding something called "random environment hazard".
The rocks you see in the background is an event called "Kagidoru" (I took it from certain lore of mine). They are moving towards the train. Now what I am thinking is for example we set timer to 10 minutes for assault. Now during assault when you have like 5-6 minutes left suddenly a random environmental hazard begins (in this case "Kagidoru") and reduces time to 2-3 minutes. This would push attackers to hurry up. To make it even for attackers certain defenses on train would be disabled by EMP wave/or just shock wave which was caused by "Kagidoru". That way it would be increase the pace of the game and also add some extra adrenaline.
Of course this random event would be set up properly so that it wouldn't cause stuff like "You have 2 minutes remaining.. ups no lol 10 seconds. Good luck"

Now the design of the train here is nothing even close to what I have in mind, so I will update this idea later in the future. As for map. While not so detailed, the overall design is pretty much done.

Anyway I created this thread to add more concept arts in my style. For all kinds of levels. All concept art/works regarding environment design, I will be putting here.