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Nali and other Gothic style environments

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    Nali and other Gothic style environments

    Hey designers out there,

    What I was really missing in the 2k3, 2k4 and UT3 series (although UT3 had some kind of old Necris Temples), are Temples, Castles and Nali Environments. I am not talking about dark ruins, but those really nice mystic places we could run around in Unreal 1 and UT99.

    I really hope some of you guys out there will create such mystic places again!

    See you around,, UT 4 ever!


    There's an environment style breakdown thread posted by Epic here, and it lists the ruins you speak of as one of the main styles that is usable for environment art.

    Although my 3D-skills have stagnated way too much to be of any meaning for this generation, I can draw at least a little bit. I have a few clear ideas in my mind and as soon as I get the time on my hands I will pitch a few environment concepts, some of them being in the style that you'd like to see return.
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