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Shade and Shadows are ugly.

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    Shade and Shadows are ugly.

    This is kinda strange since I can't really proof it or show it, but only make a statement.
    Just think in terms of concept art and professional photos, each trying to obtain perfect lighting almost as if shadows only exist as ambient occlusion and are limited.

    You have this kind of struggle between lit and unlit, shade spoils the scene and a complete lack of shadows makes the game look dull. A lot of impressive user made characters look impressive doesn't look so impressive in the shade.

    eh what.....?

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      So it sounds like you don't approve of high contrast visuals where little or no ambient/background lighting is applied. That's fine.

      The converse, having almost entirely ambient light with no light sources looks very bad as well, unless you're dealing with extremely diffuse light like in exteriors under certain conditions (overcast).

      Normals are important. This is known.
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