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UTMC entry – The Sunspire

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    [CONCEPT ART] UTMC entry – The Sunspire

    Hey guys, like some of the other contestants I wanted to post my entry here as well - so I can finally contribute myself instead of just telling what would look cool and what wouldn't.

    First idea that came to mind was a reinterpretation of the Sunspire. Think about the possibilities that come with rendering this baby in UE4.

    It must be told that I had a pretty crazy schedule in June/July, so I only discovered about the contest relatively shortly before its deadline. And I didn't have time up until late last week to work on it. On top of that, I had never made a digital painting before, so obviously, compared to some of the other massive talents here on the board it'll look like ****, but at least I can regard this period as an opportunity to teach myself in a fun way a skill I always coveted.

    Yea, this is one of my favourites. I love what you did with the crystal and the tiled floors, they make the Sunspire instantly recognisable. That extra church on the side also looks neat. The only thing missing is the view of the lava moat
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      Yup, very nice work, the mood was well set in this one, it suits the Sunspire.
      S l y .


        Thanks for the comments, guys! Even if the contest is over I might continue working on it. Just not this month, though, August is once again, unfortunately, way too busy.