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[CONCEPT ART] UTMC - Melting Pot (Crazy cross of peak and facing worlds)

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    [CONCEPT ART] UTMC - Melting Pot (Crazy cross of peak and facing worlds)

    Right so it's in these sub forums I'll likely be the most active in, I'm learning how to be a concept artist and I usually work in landscape heavy organic environments. I felt like UT is definitely less of that, more structural and architecture focused which I'm still pretty new at but I'd really like to learn how to be able to do it better.

    Alright. I'll make this quick instead of going into paragraphs and essays like on Polycount. I made this entry as one of the most jump-the-shark sort of thing possible. This is very much in the same vein as Barricade in that there's complete nonsense happening. Barricade has galaxies stars, a castle on a rock and it's floating over an electric storm, for no reason. So expect that same treatment in my piece. There's buildings and castles stuck in rocks floating over a big colorful black hole of death, for no reason. Got it? alright good.

    The concept is mixing completely fantasy oriental architecture (even more so than Spirited Away) and complete nonsense of where it's taking place. I wanted to avoid anything remotely realistic, as the theme genre I submitted to was Space Castles "fantasy"

    If you want to see myself go insane while making this thing, head on over to the WIP thread on Polycount.
    I'd like to do some more toned down stuff in the future so you could consider this over the top entry just getting it out of my system and flexing. You might notice that it's extremely zoomed out, that's part of me trying to give Epic as much as possible to work with per theme ideas, my stuff in the future will be more down to the players level. In the beginning I was only submitting this one design to the contest so all my eggs were in one basket and just overdoing it. I think it was good for me to explore other concepts for the UTMC
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