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    blood, gore .... sure it does fit into the unreal universe and for some reason it's a must have on our check list :P


    what is with those countries which have more harsh youth protection than the USA? I am talking about countries like, New Zeeland, Australia or Germany?

    In my oppinion a new UT should be available for everyone without beening in need to censor awesome stuff and features we and epic have planned. Some games with featured over the top violence like Wolverine, Condemned, The Punisher, Postal, Hatred for example have been refused to rate or have been banned in the countries mentioned.

    I think UT doens't need over the top violence to be an awesome game. Also it seems so that new UT is more E-Sport orientated than UT ever was. Due to that reason, we should try to decent level of blood and gore. A "gore-level", which fits to UT and is also kinda realistic but is also able to NOT scare away audiences who are watching UT tournaments.

    Just a thing to mention from the past:
    Some guys here maybe remeber the CPL World Tour with Painkiller featured as "the" 1vs1 Torunament game. In 2005 the CPL also planned a World Tour stop in Germany, Berlin. But due to the reason that the International Version of Painkiller was banned in germany and the CPL Would Live Stream with international Version insted of german version, the CPL couldn't host a World Tour Stop in germany. The Stop than was replanced with a stop in Itataly. By the way: the German Version of Painkiller features less gibs and ... disgusting greenish alien like blood ... (eeeewww) ... insted of red.


      ALL UT games have had the option to disable/enable blood and gore. This does not need to change now that nothing has changed.

      Feralidragon's demo vid of his gore system is set at a high level so you can see more, such as the head splitting into 200 pieces.
      The default is not as crazy. It can be a gory as you like, or not.
      Me, I like that it spews recognisable internal organs, bones, ribs and parts of different size depending on the type of kill.
      Watching your team mates bumping into dangling intestines as they go though a door is also somewhat amusing.

      Feralidragon is familiar with the Ballistics Gore mod, and took care make it different from that.
      Both are my standards in both games, and they are very different, but much can be learned from both.
      Who wants a UT99 FOOD FIGHT ?


        Rating system doesn't check if it can be disabled/enabled. If it's part of the game, it will get rated based on that. And there is a good reason for that. The game generally makes fun without any blood.
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          I would LOVE to see an improved gore system. The body parts dont need to be super detailed or specific. Just generic models, etc. But definitely more BLOOD, more blood decals on the floor/walls, and some new gib animations.
          One of the most satisfying gore systems was in Quake 3. Where you could blow someone with your shotgun at close range, and see his body explode into a chunks of flesh and a fine bloody mist hanging momentarily in the air!!
          LOL. It was so satisfying!!!

          And i believe Quake 3 actually had some averagely detailed gore meshes. If you looked closely, you could make out bits of ribs, jaws, and brain.


            I loved how UT 2004 treated the subject, having "famillies", like robot bleeding cooling gel and having ellectric sparks flying around, and alliens had green blood, I want thins to come back, I'd like to see limbs cutting like it also did in 2004, with the upper body spawning gibs and just have ragdoll legs flying around after a flak cannon point blank shot, there is another thing I'd like to see, it's from gears of war, when the limbs are cut, instead of having shrinked body parts, having a big flesh wound where the part was, we could have just the red or green blood wall decal attached to the shriked part to supress the wound modeling effort, and have a cuted ellectric wires for robots, I also think that a way to give the necris a personality would be to give them a darker blood and make them bleed less like robot does.

            For the gibs themselves, I have an idea, epic make generic gibs from "normalised" version of there model packed with the blood collors and decals under the famillies, probably eaven with the characters voices, and while modeling, you go in a menu with a check list, you check what you want and the game go itself for alraidy existing gibs to pack with it, so you have no need to make gibs for each model.
            human have red blood, a red heart, a human leg, a bloody ranger boot, some human teeth, a hand, a rib, an generic brown eye, things like that
            alliens have green blood, a green heart (make it slightly different in the shape ?), a skaarj feet, a greenish digitigrade leg skeleton, some skaarj dreadlocks, theese kind of things
            and the robot have spark effect and cooling gel decals, a brocker mother board, a pierced speacker, some cables, a camera objectinf, a piston, mechanics and computer cards.

            An other thing I'd like to see would be weapon decals, by that I mean that shooting the enforcer on a wall make a little black circle on it, and when on a player, it makes a little red splash where the server saw the hitscan, or whene the bio gun is used, having like green splats apearing on the caracters, or if shooted with the link gun, having little green burn textures where it connecter for the server, like that, you shoot a guy with the snipper in the head, little lag, you think you just missed the guy, and when you reshoot him you notice a little red patch on his neck, team fortress 2 is a good example of that.


              I loved UT2004 too. The best was when you shot an enemy in 2 halfs, i liked that. Is that possible too in UT4 ? I would love it.


                I think all these gore ideas are amazing but it would also be cool to be able to turn off the gore like the exploding corpse, decapitation when shot in face and melting to a skeleton in the setting for those that love the fast pace action but do not like lots of gore. I remember there used to be a thing in settings where you can pick no gore, little gore, medium gore, lots of gore and Extreme gore.


                  Semi-related, this is a mutator for UT2K4 that affects gore. I personally really liked it. It's called "Bloody Hell", it comes with Balistic Weapons.



                    Did you guys see the wonders of the new Nvidia FLEX system ? It could be used for gibs and blood, and you could set the amount you want in the settings.

                    I guess an activable options in the settings (off/low/high) would be a good idea. I'm not sure for the spatters on directly on the screen, it's often gimmick and unnatural to me.


                      Nvidia FLEX system seems perfect to me!

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                        Most of the previous UT games had this (except UT99, which required a mod). In UT2k4 you could see people's burning feet fly off when they died to a rocket that hit the ground near them. UT3 characters in particular had a very detailed damage model.

                        The link gun alt-fire disintegrates everything but the bones. The bio goo melts the whole body. The stinger-minigun in UT3 was particularly interesting. Not a lot of people noticed this, but when you killed someone with the primary, it didn't just let the rigid body fall down right away. It kept shaking it a bit (much like the UT99 minigun), before the body fell down. I don't know how exactly it worked, but the body went seamlessly from the shaking animation to rigid body.

                        So yeah, nothing new here, it just doesn't exist in the new UT yet.
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                          The game currently has a silly, crude humor death with the headshots. The player model tries to grab his head when the head is shot off, it kind of reminds me of loadout

                          When the devs do decide to start on gore, they should focus on the blood effects from the gibs, tf2 has some great gibs

                          It doesn't have to be as cartoony or stylized, but watery, bright red blood that follows the body parts as they fly away would be extremely satisfying. Like If you shred someone with the flak cannon, their body won't just explode like a rocket, but the gibs will go flying in whatever direction you shot.

                          The shock rifle, which I think does damage by creating black holes with the combo, should somehow squeeze or compress the player model, so it looks like their body was destroyed and collapsed in by the pressure, but they still would have a rag doll. I think the technical term is 'spaghetification'
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                            Yeah, Loadout is an excellent example of over the top gore done right. It's fun and satisfying crazy wild action.

                            I'd like to see 3 different gore levels: None at all, a reasonable amount, and way over the top. The no gore setting would need other sci-fi themed effects instead. For example fragged players could be teleported out of the arena with an effect that looks and sounds like you just banished the devil from our plane of existence.

                            Gore is one of the main things that can prevent large portions of the population in some cultures from taking competitive gaming seriously. I think it would help to include only the no gore setting with the game and put the other two levels as free content on the marketplace. It's a tiny hassle to have to click two extra buttons once but then we can tell any concerned relatives or TV channels who are hesitant to broadcast competitions that it doesn't have any gore unless you choose to add gore yourself.

                            Speaking of the marketplace this kind of cosmetic setting could be a form of custom content. There's probably people who'd pay for a piƱata gore pack.
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                              Just keep in mind you guys that removing all gore will have an impact on the game. If you cannot see bloodsplatter, you will have less hit feedback. I despise the hitmarks and the quake-style ping sounds we have and I'd rather see them gone in favor of something better. Previous UT games (especially UT3) proved that it can be done.
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