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    Good to see this still moving forward.
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      Haven't read the entire thread and not a good digital artist, but here how it would look like for me if i would add a grip
      Click image for larger version

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      I know it looks generic and butchers the original concept, but i honestly can't think of any other grips. Other than the Gears of War one but that's pretty much it.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	gears_of_war_2_conceptart_ppjVP.jpg
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        Rooster128 looks like this shaping up!

        I kinda agree about general proportions, and there's not much you could really do... Maybe just gently increase scale of barrels (both thickness and length) to gap any available space? Other thing I'd like to point out is that actual ingame fpv perspective could look greatly different from 3d app mock-up (so to judge that correctly you need your camera to have fov of 90-100 etc)
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          The shot rendered was from a FOV of 75 (roughly what the UT3 1P models used for perspective if I recall correctly?) - and I tried originally with the camera at the eyeballs of the character, then just tried moving the camera around until I got a perspective similar to what the concept art showed. In general I think it just looks beefy no matter what. One thing I could try to do is make the grip larger (thereby the rest of the gun is smaller in proportion) - and lengthen the barrels as you say - and I do what to add a grip of some sort similar to what HereticGrunt is talking about, or a side grip. I just want to ensure the gun is viewable in 1P and also that it's perspective in 1P isn't too much of a stretch.


            Running into the problem you had earlier on in the thread exo- where should the hand go, where should the ammo drum go? Up to this point I've been modeling verb batim according to original concept but the original concept did not include an area for the left hand. I've been combing through the thread and I still think having a side grip with the ammo still on the left side could work - and of course the main problem would be having the design be too left-heavy. But I think it could work?

            If you used the perspective given in the concept, you don't see the ammo feed in much at all- you'd mostly see the hand. Furthermore, it makes more sense for the ammo to be fed from the medial position, not distal position. And I believe there is enough happening on the right side of the gun (or there will be) in order for the gun to be visually balanced.
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              Personally, I don't like the idea of an extremely bulky minigun for UT4.

              So in order to fix that here's my suggestions. Keep the barrels of the current WIP Minigun to stay in touch with the design, but alter them a small bit so that they structurally fit in with a sleeker model.

              One like this perhaps.

              Or, if you're not happy with the current minigun you're making, you could remake the whole thing entirely to a design which you prefer.

              If you can't decide on what to make, here's some cool images of sci-fi miniguns to get creativity flowing.

              Hope your success is achieved, Rooster.
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                If you're worried about the gun being too bulky, the easiest fix is just extending the barrels a bit further. Although imho it could be interesting to have a bulky minigun too. I mean... we have how many miniguns now? 4, mine included (although it looks like Max won't come back unless something serious happens on this UT project)? Out of all of these this is the only bulky "heavy" minigun with a focus on near-future military style (rather than sci-fi or industrial) and it comes with a little extra nostalgia for those who played Unreal 1.

                Regarding a handle, imho best position is angled somewhere on the side of the gun, otherwise either your own arm will cover everything up, or it will look like it's extremely difficult to hold. I have it at a 35 degree angle (rotating from vertical position). I originally wanted it to be 45, but my handle looked slightly weird. Or you can just pull a Serious Sam and let him hold the gun with his right hand alone at the front handle, heh.

                Animation is something to consider here btw. because all guns are attached to sockets in the characters right arm. The left hand is free. By default it is set into position under the gun (like how it holds the flak cannon for example). Obviously, the minigun needs its own character animation because of that. So either each minigun skin will have its own character animation, or we can collectively settle on a standardized front handle position (I'm totally open to conforming my model with this) and then all minigun skins will use the same character animation. e.g. we'll say every minigun will have it's handle at a 45 degree angle at [X,Y, Z]. Since most minigun models have an easily adjustable rear handle length/position, you can just adjust the rear handle to fit the front handle into position (except the angle).

                Epic Games' coordination would be vital in settling for a standard, but we live in dire times ;_;
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                  I hate the minigun update i like it in normal gameplay not creative!!!!


                    I fully support the opinion of Watson_V3 I dont't like minigan update
                    Help in writing an essay I'll be glad to help


                      It really depends on the artist. There's no way to be able to tell, especially since you didn't provide any examples of your artwork.