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Flak Cannon - V1 COMPLETE

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    Thanks so much for the replies, guys! your criticism and compliments got me working back on this some more. I re-designed the magazine to be a bit more streamlined and got rid of the repeated details in the operational end.

    You guys rule!
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      aced, loving the swirls you put at the end of the barrel.. Might give a rotating effect to the shrapnel.
      the springs should stay, or could be hydraulic, up to you.

      in general a very nice concept...

      it might need a front grip, because it looks really heavy to hold with 1 hand..
      only thing i dislike is the iPod nano on top of it... looks way to breakable

      good concept, one of the better flaks out there!
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        I honestly would not not mind having that Flak in my game.


          I could dig it in UT, too. Although, I generally wished to see a slightly "leaner" Flak this time, something that kind of looks and feels more practically usable.

          I'd work on the display/ammo counter a bit. It looks very fragile right now. Looks like you could tear it off easily. Make it like an integrated element of the top casing of some sort. Maybe like an instrument display on a sports motorcycle:


            Oh, this model is not fully finished. I have the blockout on a different layer and dissable when I take a screenshot. There will be metal plating to house the ammo counter, and a proper handle setup.


              Sound good!


                Looks awesome!

                Can't wait to see some proper materials attached


                  The 2nd model is Magnificent!

                  I still suggest trying lowering the pistons. Just to see how it looks.
                  I really love the ut99 flak approach. 2kx flak imo is terrible as it resembles a water bottle in first person view. (don’t care for ut3 flak :P)
                  The main reason I suggested this change is because it complements the design in first person view.
                  It exposes more details especially in the flak cell loading area.
                  Finally, the weapon will become "thinner/slicker" obstructing less the fp view! (ut99 had that prob imo :/)

                  So I suggest again rotating the pistons in such angle that the side bolts become parallel to the y axis.
                  The weapon will still retain its classic appearance due to the (square) design of the barrel.

                  UPDATE: hope this illustration is more informative. Also what Sly said don't remove the springs though!

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Flack3.jpg
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                  This concept/model has the potential to reach the final game!
                  That is why I strongly suggest trying those changes!
                  Keep up the awesome work and your incredible approach on received criticism!

                  p.s. Also please add screens of the actual fp view!
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                    For me its to complicated, try make it simplier and it should be yellow


                      It is pretty cool, especially your execution is really good. Nice modelling skills!

                      But as someone stated before, it looks like someone took the UT1 version and removed its covers revealing the insides. It got the same proportions and (if not for the new ammo) the same silhouette as the old one. That can be a good thing (immediately recognizable for old players), but also a bad thing at the same time (it is actually not a fresh take on it).
                      I always thought the ammo of the old UT Flak looked highly impractical and that it harmed its design, so good thing you changed that.
                      I think you could improve your current model if you would reduce the amount of screws. They make it look very busy and this can quickly result in visual clutter and greeble on the model.

                      Personally, I would have preferred to see a more fresh take on it, more variations or some resemblance to the other designs we've seen in Unreal, UT2, UT3 and both UC games.
                      It can be inspired by the old UT1 Flak, but I think that this attempt is a bit too close to that particular Flak. Of course everyone has a favourite and opinions differ, but maybe you can come up with a design that's better than what UT1 had (and don't say that it can't be made better, that would be nostalgia speaking, one can always improve something ). Currently, this is "just" the UT1 version with an updated surface and different ammo. You have skills, take inspiration from the other games assemble something very interesting in shape but still reminiscent of the Flak Cannon, maybe using the best elements of each Flak Cannon design.

                      Make something awesome that way! I'd really love to see what you can come up with with your good execution.
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                          Wow nice job. I like it. Definitely support trying to angle the flanges, and of course, experiment away!


                            Suggestion for the rear part: extend the middle pipe, so that it can hold even more ammunition. This will change the silhouette, but make the weight distribution look more practical to hold. This middle pipe could also indicate the moving ammo maybe through a slit window. It would be cool if the rear part shows how the feeding mechanism for the ammo might work. The Ammo counter could be a metal slider that points to a scale printed along the ammo pipe (the slider would probably only be visible in first person view if it moves to the front because of low ammo count).


                              I have an idea for a Flak design, but where to get the time to hang in there.

                              I forgot to mention what I like about your model, aside the fact that it looks like a Ferrari motor engine. The springs on the pneumatic pipes, the wires, the barrel rifling and the way the parts intertwine into each other, the venting grill in the second picture.

                              How did you do this, just started to build stuff, or did you draw the ideas first?



                                I tried this. I definately can see the plus-sides. What do you guys like more, this or the UT99 version?

                                PS: some screws were lost in translation....