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Flak Cannon - V1 COMPLETE

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    That looks nice, but its too bulky and I don't think it fits ut4 visual clarity everyone has been talking about. Would fit gears of war or something.


      Hoooly Sh**... Sh**... Sh**... Sh**... Sh**...

      Seriously, this flak is just so cool, quite practical too. I can already imagine the brake thingie to be used for alt fire, or fire... whichever preferred


        Fantastic work Kazeo, keep it up! Looking forward to more of your work


          You're really good, amazing to have you here!


            I absolutely love its industrial look. Looks awesome!
            But i'm not a big fan of the springs on the hydraulics. Could you try a render without them?

            But i think it should maybe have some more plating, especially in the back part. Oh, and it needs "danger stripes" in the sides of the front part!
            And i think the "bike handle" doesn't really fit, as it looks too much like a bike handle and not like a handle from an industrial tool.

            I think a handle of this kind could fit with the weapon:

            About the bulky 1st person view, i think it looks bulky because of the perspective. If you move the camera a bit further and higher, it should have the same feeling as the UT99 flak we all love.
            I think the key is that the part where the shrapnel projectile goes into the chamber should be more visible from the 1st person perspective.
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              Lovely work, don't you think in the first person view the model is too upscaled


                Great work so far. Love the 2kX look more though.

                A little feedback:
                - The handle does not feel right ... Without it, the look is less disturbed.
                - The springs give the weapon nice detail, but for a future weapon I'd like to see your weapon without them. This gun could work with air-pressure, or strong magnets.
                - The wires/tubes should be more guided/fixed and not so loose.
                - I don't think the weapon is too bulky, maybe you just need to size it down in total for the 1st person view.
                - Liked the "flat" top more (like on your previous screenshots)

                Keep it up!
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                  1. the way it would balance between those two grips wouldn't work. it would tip right out of your grasp immediately, especially due to its apparent weight. A chainsaw grip would work MUCH better.

                  2. the back looks quite plain really

                  3. would like to see a little wider gap in the middle so more of the ammo loading is visible.

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                    Please take some steps back to this version. It was the best imo.

                    Feedback based on fp view.
                    The changes in the barrel have destroyed the overall cleaner aesthetics.
                    The four side bolts and the metal part extruding from the side have to go.
                    I know the rear part display mount is not final but definitely needs to go or drastically toned down.
                    As HenrikRyosa said:
                    would like to see a little wider gap in the middle so more of the ammo loading is visible
                    The side handle needs to go, it is too obstructive even if the fp view is adjusted. Make a try of my proposal if you feel like.
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                      With the two pistons either side being lower, I'm wondering whether it would look different enough from the rocket launcher however we don't quite know what's happening with the rocket launcher at the moment.

                      As well as what everyone else is suggesting I think it would also be important to observe Gobba's enforcer and see how well it would look in the game compared to it. It might be worth getting Gooba to do a paint over to see what needs doing to make it fit.


                        The side handle looks a bit like a bicycle brake, haha, you should change it a bit to remove the similarities, maybe a different trigger mechanism : P

                        You should ditch those metal plates you've added to the front part though, it looked a lot better without them in my opinion, the bottom ones are okay though
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                          Some very nice modeling work her Kaz.


                            The first person model here is in need of some work.

                            (1) The sloped/triangular form factor created by angling the compression/springs is reminiscent of the Rocket Launcher barrel triangular arrangement, causing the first person profile of the weapon to lose distinctiveness.
                            (2) The bicycle hand brake looks almost comical. I understand the objective here but realism in how this is carried is unnecessary. I'd rather not have it at all if it's going to undermine the feel of the weapon.
                            (3) LCD screen should never be sticking up like that. Not only does this block your view of the loading mechanism (a big no-no to preserve the coolness of seeing it load), but it's a flimsy little piece in contrast to how big and bulky the rest of the weapon is.
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                              Originally posted by Archer6621 View Post
                              You should ditch those metal plates you've added to the front part though, it looked a lot better without them in my opinion, the bottom ones are okay though
                              I respectfully disagree. I personally like those plates, and i think it could look better with some more plates, so it looks more like the flak cannon. That way you will minimise possible confusion with the rocket launcher.

                              I also think it should be more flat, maybe not as flat as your first pics, but definitely more flat.


                                Oh my goodness this these models look amazing. I love the motorized look as well. I would love to start doing some sketches in SFX for this one. I suppose there wouldn't be any steam or piston sounds for this bad boy? :P How exciting!