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CHAOS:UT-Weapon Vortex Launcher

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    CHAOS:UT-Weapon Vortex Launcher

    I mentioned in my UT99 weapons thread that I was assisting the Chaos Team on one of their weapons- which may turn into more of a thing for me if they let me into the fold. That being said the UT99 weapons are my primary priority first and foremost, but I wanted to help TSK out since he has been such a big help to me within the last year.

    They put me on the Vortex Launcher- the iconic super weapon that launches mini black holes that suck players in and chew them up in a rather entertaining way. In UT99, the Vortex Launcher was more of an ancient alien artifact in a cage that you unleashed by pressing a big red button. In the UT2k4 version, the weapon was a high-tech humanoid gun that held the vortex in place with a containment field emitted by huge plates. The idea of the UT4 iteration of the gun was a combination of both the UT99 and UT2k4 versions- the alien vortex would be contained by a humanoid gun. On this iteration, I decided for an over-the-shoulder design.

    TSK has been with me every step of the way as we've designed the weapon. It has been a long road so far.

    I'm definitely looking for more feedback, more precious than gold. I gather I'm still in the massing stage but moving into high-poly stage. We've been looking at the gun for so long that I think maybe fresh eyes would help us out. So before we go in balls deep in high poly- what do you folks think about the design? Any comments, critique, suggestions? I'd be happy to hear some.

    Personally thinking of removing the camera-esque cage/grips from the front of the weapon in exchange for a more streamlined bottom-up grip that has the iconic red button from UT99 on top- so that may change.
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    Very quick setup of animation cycle to give you an idea of how it operates:
    (how do you embed youtube on these forums? is that possible?)
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      This one is fantastic! You and TSK did an amazing work!

      Really, I have no feedback at the moment, I love that!

      -Luigi Rapetta

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        Ho god, the nightmares when I runned a match with vortex launchers only...

        Now I might have a few critiques.

        Firstly, I'm kinda questioning what's inside the glass sphere. Looks like a kind of... planetarium or something ? What I mean is that I don't know why it's supposed to be here, as you expect rather an effect showing bubbling matters (or antimatters, dunno how miniature blackholes work) inside.
        Secondly, I kinda find the double handle weird and off compared to the overall design. I think just one handle in the middle would be enough.
        And finally, following what you said, you want a mix beetwen high-tech and ancient alien artifact. I don't know how it looked in UT99, but I don't see anything alien nor ancient in your actual design. Just the high-tech but barebone weapon (like a prototype version of the weapon). It lacks something arcane, mystic or esoteric. A little like ancient civilization (egypt for exemple).
        Something like that :

        Something unsettling.

        Other than that, you did a really good job ! Keep it up !


          Thanks for the feedback.

          Darkloser, just as a means of somewhat explaining... take a look at this pic from previous Chaos;

          I think maybe what's being conveyed here, is that the item with the rings, is in fact the 'ancient alien' tech, that has been harnessed inside of contemporary human tech.

          Edit: ScrawnyMike has some work done one that device after it's fired also.


            I certainly like the idea of the weapon ...but it looks so big and fragile at the same time.
            Something strong and sturdy is missing on this design.
            And it has too much of a common missile launcher.
            Covering up more parts with plates and making it shorter (maybe shot from the hip) would fit better in my opinion.

            How is the firing mode? You just lob it, like in the UT99 version or is it fired like the Redeemer?
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              That's interesting because I've been told to cut down on the bulk and make it more streamlined/rib-like. I did try to keep the idea of it surviving a "drop test" in mind while designing. What would you say are the weak points, papercoffee ? What needs plates?

              It does have parts of a common missile launcher in it- that was intentional, by design, borrowing from some real world parts. Do you think the overall form reads too much like a rocket launcher? That might be problematic- I was definitely going for a unique silhouette, just borrowing parts from real world.

              It's fired, but it'd function like the UT99 version, if I recall correctly. What is it- primary is short-range, secondary is long range? The arms would spin at a slow pace while idle- and the arms would speed up and energy would emit from the barrel when launched.


                I'll provide proper feedback with a simple paint-over tomorrow.
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                  Thanks for the feedback everyone! A lot of private discussion has gone into the design of this gun to get it to where it is and Rooster128 has done a great job so far!

                  papercoffee The version originally posted had more shielding but it ended up looking like a big chunk of metal, and there wasn't much to look at. I think once all is said and done the effects and animations will look really interesting. I wouldn't mind seeing your paint-overs just keep in mind we made the decision to take eye-candy over common sense.

                  Darkloser Our version of alien life is a bit different and I'm not sure we are talking publicly about our brainstorming so I'm gonna hold of on discussing the artifact itself. That said I do intend on pushing the design past where it is now.

                  R.Flagg mentioned that I was working on the effects and that is true here is a link to the latest progress on that front:


                  More work will be done on the artifact itself to push it further than what was possible with the ut99 version but still paying homage to its original design.
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                    Oh boy, I like the look of that.
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