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    [CONCEPT ART] New Ripper Idea

    I am attempting to fully create a new Ripper gun, I wanted it to feel fresh like the new weapons and stay cohesive to the new feel of UT. I am hoping to have it work just like the ut 99 ripper regular fire bouncy disc and alt fire exploding one. This is just a personal project to keep me fresh in 3D modeling and animation. The blades will be tucked in and pop out when fired. The center of the disc will stay still while the razor blades will rotate instead of the whole disc rotating. I will post the concept and my progress.
    Click image for larger version

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    Just starting the disc in 3D

    Click image for larger version

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    oh very nice. We are really in need of creators for modeling and animation. I recommend exporting flak gun as basic mesh for orientation. Once you have figured out 3p mesh 1p mesh and ripper projectile, our community can help you or you send us your work to build it into the game
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      Refreshing to see art concepts again

      If you want to get internal with this model, i can perfectly imagine how the disk would spin in the first place. Kinda like this.
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        Looks like it's worthy of plenty of damage and keeping it true to '99 behavior sounds good to me! Keep it Up BΛH_M33!
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          Hey man, it's Wiz! Absolutely love it, Bah, please stick with it!


            Thank you all! I love the UT series and want above all to make something FUN. I have ideas for the actual gun animations, as in the gun bending to compensate for kick back when firing, as well as having small lights on the discs, green for regular and red for exploding versions. The disc will act like a frisbee and not be controllable after firing, just forward firing ricocheting disc like the old one.

            My personal life is abysmal at the moment, but I still will try my best to keep making things for this UT. If nothing else, just to keep busy and keep doing art! Yeah I will probably need help with coding, other than that I can animate just fine. I know this version of the editor uses bones for contact points so I will plan accordingly.



              Been waiting 5 years for someone to make a Ripper model / animations to hook up to my Ripper implementation, so I'd definitely be interested if this keeps making progress.
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