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    [CONCEPT ART] Minigun/Stinger

    I've been trying to get some base designs for every weapon, so here's what I have for the Minigun/Stinger.

    The first design would be a Minigun, the second is a nod to the original UT and the third would be the stinger. I am very interested to hear what you folks think about these, and where you would like the designs to go.


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    I can't decide between number 1 and number 2 as the sexiest minigun concept.

    I love the classic callback of number 2, but Number 1 looks very unique.. Ah too much awesomeness...


      Well, the third design is easily the coolest, but I think the second one probably is overall the best. The thing that I'm unsure about is how compact it is, it seems way too portable for a minigun. I would suggest bulking up the body a bit, then go from there.


        Great to see you tackling the minigun design! I think this will incite a lot of debate, because of the split between people who prefer the minigun vs the stinger idea and vice versa. Have we as a forum come to any kind of consensus on whether we prefer one or the other? Or are we likely to design both and allow map makers to choose which one to use?

        1 is definitely my favourite, it makes it look really powerful and it really inspires a sort of chunky chaingun sound, so it would suit a slower firing primary fire and a secondary fire would really feel like **** was going down.

        2, I think, is a really great evolution of the UT99 minigun, but I have to say I'm definitely preferring the black colours over green ones, as green is more tied to the Link Gun's identity these days.

        3 makes for a really sci-fi looking gun, but lacking any sort of visible spinning clip I think detracts from the overall minigun-y-ness and makes it feel like a more sci-fi'y, blue Link Gun. Take the UC2 Stinger / (2) for example, the chain of bullets going into the gun looks awesome. For that matter, I'd love to see that sort of visible chain of bullets present in all of your designs.

        I would love to see what you could do with bringing an Unreal 1 minigun up to date though!


          I'll be honest as always. Those looks quite ok, but something's not right to me. Maybe it's just a matter of scaling and minor tweaks, but the feel is some kind of weird. 1 and 2 seems to be ok, 3 looks cool but totally off the UT realm

          Here are some quick-made examples of what can be fixed or changed, in scale comparison with Malcolm

          And for comparison, imo best concept so far.

          haha just noticed that 1st concept incorporates an exhaust muffler, nice1 Gooba
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            1 & 2 are nice, but I prefer 2 for the longer barrel. If 1 had a longer one and less messy stuff in the back, it could work too.


              Man, you love those prongs

              I'd like to see something more like mashup between 1 and 3. I prefer the "closed up" look of the barrel (and why couldn't that spin? o_O) The problem with 1 and 2 to me is that they look generic and done before, IMO. But I like the handle of 1 and the barrel of three larger and without the prongs
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                1 or 2 depending if want to follow path of heavy minigun or lighter and more mobile minigun.
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                  Number 2 hands down. No need on over complicate it, no need for realists. Its a UT99 remake and thats what majority wants. Mini>Stinger >.<

                  Nice job gooba
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                    Originally posted by code187 View Post
                    Number 2 hands down. No need on over complicate it, no need for realists. Its a UT99 remake and thats what majority wants. Mini>Stinger >.<

                    Nice job gooba
                    Tss, it's a secret that UT4 is a UT99 remake! Don't give it away!

                    But actually I agree with Brizz, 3 might not be bad if those prongs are removed. Looks more original than the other two even, which is nice.


                      Originally posted by phoraxx View Post
                      Yes! That is exactly what #1 needed! A longer barrel would scale the overall beefiness down. Maybe somewhere around 75% the length of your adjusted one I think would be spot on.

                      Btw, as much as the exhaust muffler is a funny addition, it looks *so* out of place. When I first saw it my first thought was "he's gotta be joking". :P


                        Another idea just came to my mind. I guess we are still going to have 2 "ammo types", so to make it more visually distinguishable (yes, we have different rotation/firing speed) it could be spinning in a different way. It makes sense, as there would be 2 ammo packs/containers, or 1 widepack with chambers for 2 ammo types. Here's verry simple example

                        so, let's say A would be containing ammo type that is being fired faster, and B would contain ammo fired slower, and at a time will rotate in another direction than A.

                        I think it would be easy to incorporate into existing concepts :P It doesnt have to be such a bigass pack
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                          3 looks pretty similar to Raixs's minigun posted in the other thread. Was this an intentional paint over?

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                          As far as which is my favorite. I'd say the blue one further down. Gooba 1 design looks far too cumbersome and bulky for UT it would be a good fit for a Gears minigun but I think it should get streamlined down. Gooba 2 design is good but probably too simplistic since it doesn't feel like it's pushing the design forward at all, Gooba 3 design is the most outlandish and UC2 like. I'm sure you went with diamond barrels to reinforce the "crystal shards" like fantasy fireing but I'm not really sure if it works having big bulky diamond barrels as mini/stinger.


                            FirebornForm, #3 and the "blue one further down" are the same gun.


                              Either #1 or #2. #1 looks quite new and unique while still looking like a minigun, yet it's a bit cluttered. #2, on the other hand, is neat and simple, you can quickly digest what you're seeing (and, as a bonus, it looks like the minigun from UT99!), though it does look sort of pathetic compared to #1...
                              The new UT is coming along nicely...
                              Maybe a new Unreal would be a good idea for Epic's next project? It's certainly somewhat overdue...