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Combat Assault Rifle wip (TLG)

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    [PROTOTYPE] Combat Assault Rifle wip (TLG)

    Well Ive been a fan of the UT games for a long time and didn't realize until UE4 became free that the community was helping develop the next UT so heres my contribution

    The TLG aka CAR ***Previous Version***

    Basically its a rifle that shoots bullets, like the previous CARs, but the grenade launcher works a bit different.
    The GL is a single shot timed/bouncy explosive that can be adjusted using the RMB and LMB
    -The RMB pressed will launch the grenade with a 5 sec delay
    -The RMB held will add a sec to the delay time up to 10 secs
    -The LMB while RMB is held will increase the force that shoots out the grenade, so more range (will be shown on the gun as lights, the green stuff on the Gl barrel)
    -If LMB is held to long (during range charge) the gun explodes, however if released at the right time just before explosion it will change into a projectile that explodes on impact.
    Damage values are unknown since I've just been working on the model so far

    About the model
    - 22,472 tris
    -no textures or uvs so far
    -stock needs to be more detailed but could be just textured later (everything can use more detail but it will probably be textured in)
    -so far I am happy how the gun came out but as always there is room for improvement (especially when considering this is the 5th version of the TLG concept)

    Feed back is always good


    - more detailed barrel
    - smaller and better rear sight
    - key chain thing, idk man more **** for the marketplace
    - some material changes
    - minor detail additions
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    It's a bit more blocky than the main UT lineup is going to look, just to get that out of the way. BUT the original CAR always felt like a compact engineered unit and already had a width span with little variance along the body of the weapon. I imagine these things being issued en mass disassembled and in standard gun cases per soldier. On those terms the form of your rifle so far is excellent, and I think if you were to make revisions, keeping the form close to the way it is might be the better alternative to tapering parts or trying to fluff up the silhouette too much.

    I'm just curious about your notes on tri-count and texturing. Were you thinking to use this model as the final in-game or is this your block-in model. Those comments of yours suggest something to me but I wanted to ask you for clarification.

    Overall, I like this model a lot. I'd love to see variants but I don't have any gripes over the current version at the moment. Others can do that if they want to.

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      Thanks for the feed back jet.
      I agree that compared to the other guns this rifle is a steel beam in a steel wool factory.
      This is not the final model, I'm not sure what i will add but for now this is how it will be till I brain blast more stuff on to the rifle.
      Also since I'm quite bad at texturing/uving I don't usually do it so I'm probably going to have to get someone to do it or idk do it myself.

      I had originally had a carrying handle (on this version [I call R3]) but got rid of it.

      Here are some of the previous body types

      thanks for liking my work man its made with lots o' love
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        -changed the grenade launcher and upper part
        -changed the mats to the killer whale coloring
        I think I am done with the model at this point.
        the next thing on the list is texturing

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          The grenade launcher is way too tiny, I mean, the barrel opening is only a tiny bit larger than the barrel for bullets.

          I feel like this is obvious -- you should probably fix that before you get way into texturing.


            This is a difficult thread... because I think you're picking the hardest gun to make interesting in the Unreal universe.

            The CAR from Unreal 1 was pretty much by far the most generic and uninspired gun out of the whole series, so I wonder why you picked it?

            Anyways right now the modeling is good, but the design is weak. This looks like it's something I would see in any old COD game and not a futuristic setting such as Unreal/UT, even COD:AW looks miles ahead of this in terms of a modernized assault rifle. I would suggest you look up some more futurist assault rifles and get away from the present-day look, even look at some mods like Ballistic Weapons in UT. I were you I would go for something more interesting because the CAR in Unreal 1 was extremely bland.

            For past reference Here's what official "assault rifles" with grenade launchers have looked like in Unreal canon.

            Unreal 1

            Unreal 2

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              yay finally people saying something.
              hmm the GL could be bigger but i think i just need to shrink the bullet barrel.
              fireborn I see what you are saying so heres what I threw together

              If you have any ideas for what I could add or change I'm all ears
              *side note*
              the thing about "futuristic" weapons is that in the future it would not be all blinged out with extra fluff and stuff, I think the term we should be using is sci fi futuristic.
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                I see a scope on this CAR, So what does it do ?

                Do you intend to make it singleshot or burst?


                  scopes cosmetic and the guns full auto

                  changed the front
                  also what should be the color scheme?
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                    Nice work!

                    A couple of minor comments on the general shape (this is the former rifleman in me speaking...). The space behind the handle needs to be large enough to fit one's thumb and wrist as the holding arms angles out, the current gap looks to be half what it should be. All rifles have the line of the sights (iron, scope, dot pointer etc) at least 2 - 3cm or so above the rifle stock's cheekrest so that the user can line their eye up with them when their cheek is against the stock; this newer design is closer to that than the first versions, I'd recommend bumping the scope thing up a bit more.

                    I dig the tan/coyote-black color scheme, I'd stick with that for now. Keep working on it, it would be great to see ingame someday! (also make it a lot easier to figure out what you really want it to look like once you see bots and other running around with it).


                      well thats because it was halved , i moved the grip back to expand the trigger well. its an easy fix.
                      cool ill bump it a smidge.
                      I dig the coyote as well, and thanks man.
                      Ill try to get in the editor and play with it soon.


                        I think it's starting to look like a mashup of the Halo AR and BR. Does this design fit in the UT universe?


                          Yes. Since the UT universe is Unreal's.


                            falolout i'm not seeing the fusion. if anything it looks like a slight fusion of the dmr and ar.
                            but if you have any suggestions to deviate from the halo look i'm always all ears.
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                              changed a few things and stuff
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