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    Reducing file size

    Hi everyone,

    I realised even with just a few static meshes and textures on a map, I get really big .pak files at the end result. 200MB is too much for my taste just for a small map...

    Are there tips and tricks how to reduce the file size? Any way of compression possible?
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    Also having the same problem :/


      It's mostly textures (yes the actual textures) causing huge file sizes. About the only thing you can do to reduce filesize significantly is reduce the number of materials (and therefore textures) you use. Some materials use multiple large textures too. I cut a few materials out of some of my maps and reduced filesize by around 100 MB, IIRC half of that (50 MB) was achieved by removing just one material from the GTFreeMaterials pack.

      It'd be nice if they'd come up with external packages of master materials that can be shared by many different maps, sort of like the old utx uax usx etc. files in 99 and 2kx. Then if you wanted to edit one of the materials you'd just copy the master material into your map and edit that instead. That copy wouldn't very large since it's just the material, the actual textures (the huge files) it uses would still be in the master material pack.

      It'd need some kind of warning to warn people not to edit the master materials and only make map specific changes to a copy instead. Of course the author of the pack may need to edit his own pack for various reasons (like making it in the first place for one) so we couldn't just completely disable editing them.
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        That is actually a pretty **** good idea, but yes currently the materials seem to be making hefty file sizes even on the smallest of maps.


          Shouldn't a lot of this have to do with the chosen compression scheme of each texture as well?

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