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Policy regarding remaking maps and the original authors permission

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    Policy regarding remaking maps and the original authors permission

    Hi all,

    Maybe I'm overthinking this too much, but what is the "policy" regarding remakes?

    To make my question more practical, I'm thinking to make a remake of DM-Gothic. The original map is by Shane Caudle, should I ask for permission to remake the map? Either way, I'll make sure to credit him in the discription (Author: Shane Caudle, Remaker: Julian 'Basalt' van der Velde).

    Looking forward to your views on this, especialy from Epic's part.

    Legally you can do a remake and even sell it. Maps are not copyrighted material unless maybe its an official Epic map, however the amount that changes from UT version to UT version would probably make it really hard to enforce any copyright laws. As far as community maps, I think its rude and disrespectful to remake someones classic map without permission from the original author. Even if you do include them as the original author, they could be working on a remake of that map right now or plan to be doing so. If you dont have permission to remake someones map, you are basically stealing their intellectual property and ideas. Sure imitation is the highest form of flattery, but just because you are making a copy of a Picaso art piece doesnt makes you an artist, it makes you a copy machine. Further more, if you have the ability to remake a classic quality map, then why are you wasting your talent copying someone elses work? Sure lots of great classic maps exist, but new maps are being made right now that will one day be classic maps just the same. Do you want to be the guy who copies other peoples work or is remember as the guy who made a DM-Gothic favored map?


      While I know of no policy on the matter, and I'm pretty sure Epic would probably retain most rights, regardless... I would highly recommend making at least a good faith attempt to contact the creators of previous maps before doing a remake (or before publishing it). If you are unable to find/contact them... go for it. I would say any Epic made map is fair game with no permission though.

      If you are interested in "selling" remakes on the marketplace... well, that could be a slightly more complex scenario.


        Well, to get this quickly out of the air: I have certainly no interest in selling the map. I'm purely wondering what good practice is on this matter.

        That being said, I agree mostly with -jay-. Some of these things have been on my mind a lot, both in the context of UT and other creative outlets. The reason I'm considering this remake is:

        One, yes it is some flattery to the author for the outstanding concept,
        Two, I hope to see the map return to this new UT as I feel it will translate well to the new speed/movement and deserves to be in the spotlight once more,
        And three, it will allow me to go almost straightly to the "art phase" of making a map with original meshes and textures. So it will not be like painting a Picasso painting over again. It's more like performing Richard III with modern props.