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How to play custom map offline part 2

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    How to play custom map offline part 2

    I created a CTF test map just to test things and want to play it offline (not in the editor)

    How the hell do I do it ? Why is it so complicated? Why are there 12931239 folders? Why does cooking take so **** long?

    I cooked it and saved it to C:\Users\nutzer\Documents\UnrealTournament\Saved\Paks\MyContent and dont see it.

    Start a match and in console type open mapname I also put maps Into the other pass folder
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      That worked, thank u very much.

      But still this needs some re-work.


        Just use the Custom games tab, select the CTF game type and pick your map!? .... pretty sure that works now! .... I see all my "Cooked/Shared" maps that hit my "MyContent" folder in create a match for offline play!

        ....I will reconfirm that later today when I cook/share a map to test some content for Online play to see if works!
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