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Demo Conversion - Sun Temple Assets

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    Demo Conversion - Sun Temple Assets

    Epic's UE4 Sun Temple demo converted to UT4. All credit goes to Epic, I just converted it to a UT4 map, Epic did all the hard work. This is NOT a WIP, it's just a demo/assets conversion!

    You'll find 3 files there.

    1. A pak file that plays in UT4 just like any other map.

    I wouldn't recommend putting it on servers though, it's not really intended to be played, it's just a straight demo conversion so people can see what the Sun Temple assets look like in game and to get some demo assets out in a form those who are having trouble converting demos into the game themselves can use.

    2. The umap file used to create the pak.

    Basically it's the demo umap renamed and edited to work in game. Also added a navmesh, several playerstarts and some pickups. The umap file should go in your UT4 Editor Content/maps/ folder.

    3. A zip file containing all the assets (from the UE4 project) used to build the map.

    Note these are the assets from UE4 version 48.3 ... Use these assets at your own risk. You should be able to just extract them to your UT4 Editor Content folder, the UT4 Editor should automatically discover them and everything should work fine. I actually used UE4 "migrate" to get the assets into UT4 but simply copying the files from UE4 to UT4 (basically what extracting the zip will do) should work too.

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    Amazing thanks!
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      Could you include the steps to took to convert the demo, I'd like to try this with other sample maps so I can get new assets and materials from UE4 into UT4. Thanks.


        Install UE4 Editor version 4.8 and the 4.8 version of the project you want to use. Then open the project in UE4 and"migrate" everything in the Content folder to your UT4 Editor Content folder. Make sure the paths are exactly the same under Content or it won't work. Don't use the 4.9 version that won't work until the UT editor moves to 4.9 too. Also you'll need a 4.8 version or earlier version of the demo too, if there's only a 4.9 version of the demo then you'll have to wait for UT editor 4.9.

        That'll get the assets over into the UT Editor with everything except maybe some custom blueprints usable.

        To actually build the demos in UT4 Editor you might have to do some editing to the umap, changing things like player controller, AI controller, default game mode and stuff like that in world and project settings... You may need to remove some matinees and custom blueprints from the umap too. It takes a lot more editing for some demos than for others.

        Also keep in mind many of the demos don't have any collision. Even if you build them they won't be playable maps, without extensive work, you'll just fall right through the floor.

        But for just getting more assets to play with all you need to do is install UE4 Editor and migrate content to UT4 Editor.
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