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Any ways to tune navigation paths?

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    Any ways to tune navigation paths?

    So, here is the topic.
    It's possible somehow to tune navigation mesh\paths in some way to tell a bot which path is more important. Because currently, on generated navmesh, bots sometimes do tactically wrong or simply unexplainably stupid moves.
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    You'd need to be more specific, with screenshots, videos, etc.


      Alter the priority of items? This will make the bots less 'dumb'.

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        Originally posted by Mysterial View Post
        You'd need to be more specific, with screenshots, videos, etc.
        For what purpose?

        1. A bot shoots me with a RL.
        2. I got 1 hp left.
        3. I jump in teleporter to get away from him.
        4. He stops persecuting me and goes to do some his affairs, instead of killing me.
        5. o_0?
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          There are three specific requests I'd like to see happen.

          The first is support for narrow ledges and walkways. I have a couple of these in my map, and they're easily traversable by humans, but the bots refuse to use them because the navmesh will only extend to areas of a certain width. This is apparent not just in my level, but every other one right now as well- for example, the bots will never take the shield belt in Deck 16 because the walkway is too narrow.

          I'd also like to see something akin to UT2004's AssaultPath system for CTF levels, where you can delineate an attack route, give it weighting for how likely the bots are to select it, etc. In most maps (and mine as well) the bots will always take the same route in and out of a base almost every single time unless forced in another direction by combat. This makes certain maps like Pistola easy & boring against bots, as they always enter and exit from the same route, and I'm having a similar problem with my map.

          Finally, it'd be nice to see support for nodes that encourage a bot to camp/defend in a specific spot- I forget the name, but UT2004 had support for this. Bots on defense will usually pick a spot on their own, and most of their picks are pretty poor. Give mappers the option to designate spots where if a bot wants to defend, it can look for a defense spot, as most maps have locations for defenders in mind already. It's worth noting that the bots never snipe on Face because they're never suggested that this is a good place to defend, so they won't even try defending anything but the flag room.


            UTNavBlockingVolume helps with those narrow ledges and walkways. They don't work as well when there's a wall on either side of the narrow path but the belt on Deck is an ideal case where there's plenty of room on both sides and they'd work perfectly.

            They work pretty much the same as blocking volumes for the purpose of building the navmesh but don't actually block anything in game.

            I'd like to see the other things aniviron mentioned too. I really miss AmbushPoints and AIScripts for telling bots this would be a good place to wait for a bit and this is a great place to camp.

            I'd also like a volume telling the editor to put a navmesh on a surface regardless of how close it is to the wall. Forcing it to path those narrow ledges that UTNavBlockingVolumes don't help with. I do realize that might not be feasible without completely rewriting much of the navmesh/bot pathing code.

            It'd be nice if UTWallDodgePoints worked in a useful manner, so we could use them to for example, tell bots "jump-wall-dodge from right here on this exact point, in that direction, into the nearby slope and land over there". The way it works now the directional arrow doesn't seem to do anything and path generation just seems to pick several random, pretty much useless places to wall-dodge from but never the one jump you actually want the bots to do (usually into a slope and/or upwards). Basically we can tell the bots where to land but have no control over how they do the jump... Where to start from, in what direction they should go, whether an initial jump is required or if there's a slope involved.

            Support for higher than normal liftjumps with jumpboots would be great too.

            Then there's Nav Link Proxy, sounds like it has potential but I couldn't figure out how to make them do anything useful (like that walldodge into a slope), nothing the editor doesn't already path automatically anyhow. Not sure if that's because they can't do what I want or just because I don't understand how to use them properly.
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              I also want to have an ability to make a bot perform trick-moves in certain places. For example "wall-run".
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                Oh, I didn't even think about using a nav blocking volume like that, I always thought of it as a way to prevent bots from going places. Thanks for the advice Mox, this has substantially improved bot navigation over most of the narrow ledges on my map. You're right that it's not so great next to walls though, I just can't seem to get the navmesh to work when pressed up against a wall, even with some fairly generous volume placement. It works great for the open areas, however.