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Ode to Rrajigar mine

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    Originally posted by Sly. View Post
    Put a Redeemer in the map.
    And should you get trapped in it, have it work like the pressure chamber or some other nasty trap.

    May I recommend summoning a Skaarj Warrior NPC to slaughter the player?


      This idea is wicked enough to be fun enough for a fun map.

      Great Emerald, you're probably right. Picking up the Redeemer and causing a lights out scene might be interesting. More so if you have to temporarily disable the reactor with a switch to access the Redeemer behind a forcefield.
      S l y .


        Originally posted by VampireJesus View Post
        I was just thinking the other day that this is exactly what UT4 needs! Rrajigar Mine and Nyleve's Falls are my two absolute favorite maps in the original Unreal, as they set the tone for the entire game. While I hope UT4 offers lots of variety, I think it's really important that it revisits Na Pali, as that is the series roots. I'd love to see both of these maps re-interpreted for for the new UT. Are you planning to use some of the original music?
        You're absolutely right. I believe it's very important that there be maps inspired by the first Unreal game!


          Originally posted by Shletten View Post
          You're absolutely right. I believe it's very important that there be maps inspired by the first Unreal game!
          But let's not forget the second, either! A Drakk-themed map would be awesome, for instance.
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            Thank you for the nice feedback! Making such map would be super awesome!

            Right now I am knee-deep in hard work at my job and has barely any time, but when the game will be more ready to make proper maps (And that my friend who's supposed to work on the art-side has more time), we'll actually start working on it more than just text and throwing ideas around.

            Cheer people!
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              There's a remake of Unreal 1 in the works right now, Tidal Blast's the head of the project.
              The new UT is coming along nicely...
              Maybe a new Unreal would be a good idea for Epic's next project? It's certainly somewhat overdue...