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    I like both the user-destructable/changable environment and the natural change (volcano idea) both for different reasons, back in the days of duke 3d I made a level that had a bunch of areas where you could blow holes through walls or change the environment in one of many ways and I found it massively fun! I watched my friends figure out that if they planted a pipe bomb they coudl egt to another area with a view over the wall from the outside, wait until someone wanders past and boom! gibs.

    The issues Entropy raises are interesting as
    A) perf. impacts are pretty negligible with efficient implementation (cept massive physics sims but they can be mocked up with reasonable efficiency)
    and B) If we just wanted to hit the majority of players it wouldn't be a moddable game, hell I remember when 'camping' started to mean dirty tactics, it was when quake players tried to play unreal 1 multiplayer and found that snipers could hide in all kinds of places and take them out (specially with jump boots They couldn't handle a different approach to fps other than run-n-gun or rocket arena.

    Besides destructible levels didn't impact bfbc2 badly at all.


      The only destruction that wouldn't create issues with gameplay fairness, would be palette swaps (with some mesh changes[?], that are not reachable by the player, so that they don't fiddle with movementh/pathing) and impact decals such as making 3d holes into walls, destructible trees, introducing some non-collision debris, etc - not sure if holes can regenerate over time, but debris should definatelly vanish after a while..
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        If something should change in the map, it should be more along the aesthetic line. Make the change not really affect the player much, but just how the map looks. Like in EnigmatiK's video, lets say you take a point in the domination gamemode, then the map changes slightly to accommodate for that. Maybe if the map is used for the storyline of UT, then something actually related to the storyline happens in the game. In this sense, the map WILL BE unique and not the same every time you play it, but at the same time, the map is still the exact same.


          Hey guys, I'm a huge fan of the Unreal World, in particular UNREAL 1 and UT my honest opinion, it's 2 0 1 4, this game won't come out for the next year and a half at least and with all the power capability PC's have and also consoles, i believe it's time to give UNREAL TOURNAMENT a breath of fresh air... i understand the nostalgia to ask a remake of DECK 16 for the 20th time but it's time that the game gets something new for the gameplay, like physics in the game, perhaps with OBJECTS in the maps or destructibility of the environment.
          Since the Unreal Engine debuted and evolved through the years the game had ZERO environment destructibility and very few OPEN Maps except for the uninspired UT2k4. I'd love to see Epic take a little bit of a risk on the game by introducing new tech to the gameplay instead of playing it safe by remaking the same stuff we already played in the past, that obviously was a success but i believe it's time to leave a little bit of the past behind.

          Also it will be cool to have new weapons that can modify the map like on the game "Fracture", or the black hole weapon from Unreal 2, or something similar and cool like the gravity gun on "Half Life 2".
          Physics for destructible/deformable materials such as wood, metal, concrete etc etc

          To me it is sad to see all these new fps games with hi-poly counts and super shaders and there's nothing in the map that is interactive for the player besides couple of scripted destructible meshes.

          i hope it will change...

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            Originally posted by HenrikRyosa View Post
            Just turn the volume off.

            LOLOL yep!


              I've been toying with this for a LONG time now. I've come to the conclusion that predictable map movement (and I mean map changes not player) could be the way to go. There are a couple of options. Player triggered changes to the map or timed changes. or a combination of the two.

              One example (off the top of my head)
              Two players on the same team in a CTF match could trigger separate pads on opposite runs at the same time to open a swifter route home.
              All parties would be notified that such route was opened and it would remain open for predetermined amount of time.
              This could also be exploited by an enemy by using said shortcut to steal opponents flag.

              Another CTF example could trigger-able Draw Bridges to make it more difficult for enemy to get away with your flag.

              ideas abound
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