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How to showcase and get feedback?

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    How to showcase and get feedback?


    I blocked out my first level so there is nothing to showcase as its pretty much all grey.
    And judging a map based a on a few pictures is basically impossible.

    So what is a good way to get feedback on maps?
    I am assuming post it here... create a thread, upload and hope someone adds it to their server?

    We will be running it on a local server here but our community consists of 5 regulars. The rest of the people we only see once a blue moon

    Ideally, you would post a .pak here, and some generous server admin would take a bite and upload it to their server, and people would jump on and give great comments.

    Unfortunately, most map makers will attest that it doesnt quite work that way. Try and get in contact with someone that can host it on their server. Then, reach out to your core audience directly, sit them down, and figure out some good things.

    If it's a, instagib or normal weapons CTF level, you can find active CTF communities on IRC. If it's a duel map, you can usually find pretty dedicated duellers on one of the several trafficked teamspeak channels. If it's a DM-style map, you can find clans like absolute, or seniors, or gg! who play deathmatch / duel / elimination gametypes.

    The best way is to just search people out and talk to them directly. For the most part, we're a relatively nice community who wants to at least give new things a shot. The biggest hurdle is just getting over any sort of perceived intimidation. After that, you'll very likely find at least SOME smart people who'll work with you to make a popular map that actually gets played instead of forgotten.

    Good luck!!
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