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Issues packaging my map

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    Issues packaging my map

    The title may be misleading because I don't truly know the extent of the issue or if it's actually stopping my map from packaging. After the recent build, I haven't been able to package any of my maps as it stops at the line below. I've waited for up to 2 hours for it to fix it self in case it was slow but it hadn't moved. I'm not sure how to fix this so I took to the forums to see if anyone has had this issue as well. Is there something I'm missing when it comes to recooking and packaging maps after a new build is released?

    LogPackageContent: Publishing: UE4Editor-Cmd: [2016.05.16-14.52.34:644][ 0]LogSavePackageisplay: Package loaded by editor-only properties: /Game/RestrictedAssets/Character/Necris_Male/MeterialLayers/SS_NecrisMale. Package will not be saved.

    There are a bunch of other items giving off the same "Package will not be saved" error. Not sure what to do about this. Never had these errors before the new build.

    You can find the output log (starting from when the package will not save portion) HERE

    Update: I've done a fresh install of the editor and its still giving me the same output. I'm out of options at this point, guess I'm not getting my map for mapcore pay tested :c
    Update 2: So turns out waiting it out was the right thing to do. Now I know I guess, but I still don't know why those things were showing up.
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    Well I'm having the same issue, as it stops at the Package will not be saved section, only it hasn't gotten resolved for me. I thought I fixed it before (more info on another thread, but it turned out it wasn't even packaging the right level, but packaging one of my other prototype maps (weird, right?), and now the only way I get my real map to cook successfully is if I delete everything inside the map... It's as if every asset in the level is "tainted" somehow, and the editor refuses to process it, and it just packages forever. I've already waited overnight (did 16 hours one time), and it sits on the same "Package will not be saved" heap of **** in the output log.

    I am able to create a new Default map and package it successfully, but that's about it. I can't even package my much smaller maps.
    I'll give my updates on this thread if I learn anything more.

    Update: Well I feel silly reporting that mine was resolved by just waiting also... After nearly 24 hours, that is. Which I'd say its fair for me to think there was something wrong with it based on that insane wait time.
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      also having problems with cooking my map :/
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        Originally posted by RescueTeamYoshi View Post
        Update 2: So turns out waiting it out was the right thing to do. Now I know I guess, but I still don't know why those things were showing up.
        Honestly, looking at the log while packaging a map is a bad idea. You'll see errors when they aren't errors. From personal experience a package can take upwards of 6 hours (some take 20 minutes). Just let it do its thing. You'll see in the task manager that UE4 is using multiple threads all pushing your CPU to 100%. I've never once had it fail on me, but I have had it take a ****ing long time.

        I know what you're talking about though... I've often checked the log and seen the package process stopped on a single line for honestly hours... it means nothing, just let it go.