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Actually Playing a Custom Map

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    Actually Playing a Custom Map

    Hello people,

    I have a fairly basic question. Here is my situation:
    I'm a Revit Technician in a structural engineering firm and the last 10 years we have modelled all our projects in Revit.
    So i did some research and found it its quite simple exporting our models to UE4 engine and building it as a UT map.
    That's great we have literally hundreds thousands of hours of modelling time done to create high level models of buildings. Me and some colleagues are interesting in playing these as a fun activity here local in the office.
    So i spend some time now porting a project to 3DMAX, from max to UTEditor, applying materials, texturing it..
    and then baking it as a PAK file.
    Now I'm a man that loves the editor part of a game, but i'm stuck now in how to ACTUALLY Play the map over LAN.

    I select Create Match, Custom, Select my map. set two players or so... hit ok and i'm in.
    What does my colleague need to do? he has the map, he is in the game, we are buddies in our list but where can i go to find game. or can i click somehow on my buddy and join the game?
    I tried using connect by IP and using my local LAN address (IPv4) (does that require a port as well or is a code enough?

    The office is running on a local server, does that have anything to do with it? since all HUBS and servers are listed as non-responsive on teh find-game lists?

    Its getting a bit frustrating that after investing all this time there seems to be no interface to connect to PC's something that was available in the 90's..
    But I also know its still an alpha, so i'm sure there is some way of getting this done.

    Thank you all, hope we can resolve this, i'm keen in creating some public maps as well from these models, but i want to try them locally first.

    I'd say pop to the server admin section and ask there.

    DM-PSi ; DM-Genku ; DM-Untold Storage ; DM-Station (WIP) ; DM-HeatRay Physx (WIP)

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      So he allowed me to change some firewall settings to active File and Printing sharing.
      When I call into another pc should I then write his IP4v address, or just the IP4v:xxxxx (so with port number)?



        DavidVeld, were you able to sort this out? I'm looking to do the same thing and haven't been able to get it to work.