Some maps ive been working on for a long time
most of the maps are running on the unrealpugs hubs! so test them out ^^
i was for a long time inactive on the forum

[+]-- Ports and Remakes --[+]
CTF-UnrealSprinta // Insta only
CTF-UnrealSprint // Insta only
DM-FortNox // Insta and NW
DM-QDM16 // Insta and NW
CTF-checkmate // Insta and NW
CTF-TwinTombs ( W.I.P ) // Insta and NW
CTF-W00T ( Builded this one totaly from the cratch ( my first ue4 map ) // Insta and NW
CTF-UnrealAndAction // Insta only
CTF-UnrealAndAction-pro // Insta only
CTF-UnrealInca // Insta only
CTF-UnrealStadium // Insta and NW
CTF-UnrealWars ( Based on cola wars )// Insta and NW
CTF-UnrealAges // Insta and NW
CTF-UnrealDrunklet// Insta and NW

[+]-- Own map designs --[+]
CTF-Mirage W.I.P ( working Title )
CTF-BioLab // Insta and NW
DM-BioLab WIP finish ctf version first // insta and nw
DM-QuickPort // Insta and NW
CTF-WickedX // Insta and NW
DM-UnrealArena // Insta and nw

Downloads Soon available

i know had to much free time XD
kind regards DarkHell