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cant import .t3d anymore???

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    Yeah, just made a bug report about it here:

    Workaround for this could be using an older version of the UTeditor and import the t3d, save the umap and transfer it over to the newer editor.

    Edit: Okay this is kinda depressing:
    But there is hope!
    Originally posted by RattleSN4K3
    Workarounds are possible (for instance enter "*.*" in the open file dialog) but it requires a clean T3D file. When using the UT4 converter, the T3D are likely stripped and cleaned.
    ^ Tried that and it works
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  • started a topic cant import .t3d anymore???

    cant import .t3d anymore???

    is it true we cant import .t3d files anymore in editor? i cant seem to make it happen