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Hello everyone.

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    [PROTOTYPE] Hello everyone.

    Hello everyone,

    This is gonna be really fun folks! I am happy to be a part of this pre-alpha opportunity. Anyone else who comes from Unreal/UT/Ut2k3 and such will probably have played some of my content. I go currently go by the handle Xer06siX, previously §ìlvèr§èrpënt. I want to share with you some of my plans for the first level I will develop. I made this before as a prototype level but never released (UT, yr 2002). Here are some of the floor plans.

    Something I put together for another game, which looks like its failing. I won't mention which game it is.

    It was Intended for a possible CTF mode. Never happened, so I am giving this content to the community.
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    Just Here.

    Welcome Xer06siX! Pretty neat looking concept you've posted here and hope to be able to play it someday. Keep it Up!
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      hi! Great that you are making sketches before mapping! Good for figuring out the layout and the idea. Looking forward to your creations.
      For maps and drawings visit:


        Thanks Dutch, Conrad. I appreciate it. I try to do that before I go ahead with making a map...Most of the time. I have made some of my best content just on the fly and with no plans. I intend to practice both here. I used to make a lot of clan map packs, CTF, DM, Single Player (Unreal, UT SP port.) and such. It's good to be back in Unreal.
        Just Here.