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Packaged Level only 5KB?

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    [BUG] Packaged Level only 5KB?


    I'm working on a new map and upon packaging it- it turns out to only be 5KB and (obviously) doesn't show up in my Unreal Tournament game map list in Custom Match.

    The map is meshed, textured, and lighted using no custom assets (besides some Infinity Blade meshes)- I've recycled assets from other UT maps found in the Restricted Assets folder. I've packaged this map in the past, and it was around 200MB. The only changes I've done since the last successful package was Save As a new umap, and have added some detail meshes.

    I moved the map from my root Content folder into the RestrictedAssets/Maps folder- and the packaging only takes 2 minutes. Interestingly- when I try to package the map from my Content folder, it won't finish packaging even after 2 straight days. When I last successfully packaged the map, it only took a few hours, if that.

    Has anyone encountered these types of issues before?