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How to Betatest my map?

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    How to Betatest my map?

    My map is ready, but I played it only in the editor. I have read to cook the map I should use the "Share"-Thing in the editor. But it will be uploaded and everybody can play it? I would like to make first a beta test by self with the cooked file before releasing. Testing not in the editor, but in the real game. How do I make a beta test on a server?

    I use custom assets, what I have paid for, it is save to cook it and nobody can use this custom assets for his map? The custom assets aren't in the RestrictedAssets folder.

    As i stared replying on how to my mind has gone blank, had a few drinks. It will come back to me soon unless someone beats me to it.
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      Originally posted by wARmAcH1n3 View Post
      But it will be uploaded and everybody can play it?
      You upload the "PAK" file somewhere, take your pick.

      Post the link and we play it. Miller time.

      Regarding your assets, when you cook a map, you are essentially making a portable version of the map and the cooking is the engine compiling everything so...job done, essentially.

      We don't need your assets, the engine does.

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