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Thoughts on Levolution?

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    Thoughts on Levolution?

    Hey everyone!

    Me trying to think a bit more innovative here so don't get to upset if this is a bad idea lol. Anyways, what if the new UT had some kind of levolution utilizing the weapons to shape the levels or something? Maybe having places in each level where the weapons can help change the way the level is played? This can help with finding ways to hide power ups like the U damage and Berserk without putting it in a spot where you need to do a elevator jump or walk through walls like in previous installments. I'm not thinking on the scale of Battlefield because then the game wouldn't have as much arcade feel to it. For example, maybe in a mine level the stinger could be used to open up different mine paths and reveal hidden sniping perches and what not. Maybe in some Liandri levels, there are power cells on the walls that need to be powered by the Link Gun and these cells in turn unlock a U damage location. Considering how fast paced the game is, it will be a good idea to use these practices for hiding cool things because it will make the player figure out how to get certain items and makes the reward even more rewarding. What you guys think?

    Structured Reward System (SRS)

    Yes, I am familiar with this and yes, it is absolutely fine to include elements such as this for team-based play like CTF.

    I have never tried it myself for design, but feel confident you can add a series of collision/blocking volumes and static meshes which only react to certain types of interaction, and there are absolutely trigger volumes - so all in should be easy to do.

    Setup a simple level and try it.

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      This already happens sort of in modes like Assault and Warfare. You wouldn't want this kind of stuff in DM, TDM, CTF, Duel- as it would just get in the way of the competitive fragging and scoring.