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    IDEA: Stadium Style Map

    Hi Everyone!

    Super excited to hear Unreal is making a come back and what a great idea to get the community involved in the creation! I've been playing since 2004 and have always had an idea for a map, but I am no designer!

    Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a professional football, soccer or basketball player and make that big play and hear the crowd react to what you just did?

    What if there was a map that was set up like a stadium (one side cheering for Red and the other for Blue) and lets say it was a CTF game on that map - Whenever you picked up the Red flag, you would hear the crowd cheer and get rowdy when you score, or if you drop the flag, you hear the other fans cheer. It'll totally intensify the game play and get the gamer's blood rushing!

    When you score, you can hear the voice of the announcer (exactly like being in a stadium) come over the speakers saying "red team scored" and the crowd goes nuts! Or if you get a headshot, you hear the same reaction you hear when LeBron James throws down an Alley oop

    I know it'll probably be a hard map to create, but it would feel like you were playing in a tournament and intensify every move. Even when you killed an opposing player, you hear a faint cheer for that. Or if you die a bunch, maybe you hear a boo here or there lol...

    Just an idea! Tell me what you guys think!


    This kind of epic presentation was the case in the UT200x mod "Deathball", where stadium themed maps offered reactions from fans on what just happened. Goal? People cheering. Someone died? People cheering a bit. Someone lost the ball? Ohh's and cheers were given. And I can say, it is true, the feeling was epic and this should be definitely thought of when making stadium maps.
    Here's what I mean:

    S l y .


      Wow, I didn't know this! Exactly what I was thinking. Now picture it as CTF or TDM.


        Is there any active Deathball server?


          I doubt it. They killed the mod when they switched from using the UT characters and then tried to make it into a standalone game with awful models and terrible rules. Now they are making a totally standalone game based on Deathball that looks pretty terrible.
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            Originally posted by Krokussify View Post
            Is there any active Deathball server?
            Sorry for Off-Topic but you should look for "Supraball". Thats the sucessor of Deathball.