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    .uproject problems...

    Hello all,

    I'll try to keep this as concise as possible. I have some hobbyist's experience with the various generations of the Unreal editor(creating custom maps, custom materials, meshes, etc.). I would very much like to throw my hat into the ring and help contribute to the new UT, but I'm a bit confused about where to start.

    I've looked up about scale dimensions we're going to use and what not, but how exactly do I get started making a map that can be used with the new set up? I've subbed and downloaded UE4, downloaded the .uproject from github, and this is where I start to run into problems.

    1 - When I open the .uproject inside of UE4 it takes ~5-7 minutes to fully load. Is this length of time normal for what it's loading? Is there anything I can do to speed it up?

    2 - Once it does load all of the example "WIP" maps load with null textures. Have they just been blocked out and this is how they're supposed to appear, or is something going wrong here? I ask because when I went into the assets folders and tried to place a few meshes, they appeared already textured in the content browser but when placed in the map they show as texture-less versions of the model shown in the browser. I thought these might be related to a similar issue.

    3 - Lastly, to get started making my own map, so that I can use the weapon pickups and things, do I just copy one of the example DM maps, erase everything, rename the file, and then start making my map? -- (one of the WIP maps loads and says that the Rocket Launcher asset is missing. Solution?)

    Thank you if you read all of that, and thank you even more for any help you might lend.

    Looking forward to participating in the community effort for the new UT. Hopefully my efforts will be found at least 3/4s worthy. =P