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    NEW IDEAS!!!
    How about a future Urban Scenario where all action
    places around towers and their flying-cars garages?!
    Like when different game developer triads fight it out the
    harder/or maybe easier way intruding their headquarters
    to steal and sabotage and maybe even to kill some bosses!
    Something like rocket snipers versus flight tanks high
    above the inpassable megacity hives.
    These inspirations mostly came from the Marvel2099
    graphic novels from back in the nineties by the way.
    Also i find it quite approprite when a true cyber gladiator
    champion also sorta feels like some marvelous super guy.
    Not to mention the potential of the entire environment
    design - rich and innovative more than only a true source
    for future warfare simulation!
    GOod STUff HERe <<


      latest (insane) ideas:
      (btw. - i could make my <100buckish ebay pieces quad-
      core finally run by just renewing the graphiccards silver paste) and
      the above tower could be turned into some scraper skeleton situated
      on some desert planets desert oasis (of insanity) completely with the cages of insanity
      which once house too hungry beast raptors and twice have the ultimate weapons of choice
      plus below a megabunker (of insanity) and all this only required some kind of todo
      and simplification plus game elements optimisation plan kind of

      or comparably it could be the skeleton of a (insane) islamamo
      tower mosque in mexican desert to enable even more weirdness
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      GOod STUff HERe <<