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Request art assets, materials, and textures here.

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    Request art assets, materials, and textures here.

    I feel like making some quick assets to help level designers out. I know there's not a lot of existing content to use or source from, so I figured I'd help you guys out. Also, any artist/modeler feel free to help out or do your own take on assets.

    Please provide a detailed description of what you need, and if you need something that's a certain scale/size, feel free to provide a block out or example mesh and I'll use that so it will snap right in place.

    Don't expect me/other artists to make things that are too time consuming or level specific, the idea is to make a library of assets that everyone can use.

    how about some lighting related things?

    2001 space odyssey

    standard flood light in an excavation

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      or a geometry pack would be interesting as well ... Frank Lloyd Wright's Hanna and Palmer House come to mind.
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        I could use some carved wooden beams for roof support. that look old.
        or some cement/concreat steps that look worn old and cracked.
        AKA TwocensT


          I imagine pipes similar to those from the Epic WIP screenshot would be popular. Trims and light textures and columns would probably be popular as well, to help break up that 'featureless bsp block' look.

          Also, I recommend declaring a license to release these assets under. It helps wave away bad luck.


            Ok, this ones a tough one

            Id like to see a Dynamic Crowd asset that can be placed in a map, like a section of a stadium with people moving and making sounds depending on whats happening in the map.

            It should have different levels of triggered sounds.
            Level1: Murmur (Nothing special going on)
            Level2: Chanting songs (Random/Nothing special going on)
            Level3: Crowds cheering (A player kills another player, picks up the flag or the flagcarrier passes by)
            Level4: Crowd goes bat**** crazy (A player wins, caps the flag or go on a spree)

            The asset should have a trigger volume so one can determine what areas the crowd should react to.

            Like in this concept from Gooba.

            Theres no hurry, if its done this Month its perfectly fine
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              Flood lights, floor lights, wall lights, lamps, and other special lights do sound like a great place to start, I'll also make a few from the environment concept too.

              A dynamic crowd like you're asking would probably take more than a month, and would involve making a lot of LODs, experimenting with optimization, a lot of character and blueprint work. A lot of that is outside of my skill set. I would love to see someone pull that off with a UT map though.

              I need to experiment with Blueprints to see if I could make some modular stairs that would dynamically update the number of steps in order to make the assets flexible enough. Although I could make some simple steps that are just 1 floor or half a floor high.

              I'll have to figure out the exact license I want, but pretty much it's going to be it's free to use, distribute assets with levels, and sell UT maps/level using any of the assets. Just don't sell or distribute the assets by themselves or in asset packs or non UT maps without explicit permission. If you want to use them for a non-UT project, feel free. Unless you are distributing or selling a project including the asset in a game or tutorial, ask for permission if you are.


                Here's the blockouts, I'll get them into UE4 soon. Sorry about the wait, I've had a busy week.

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                  Vegetation. I have a couple of map concepts I would love to build, based on a Jungle/Predator theme appearance. On top of that other nature environment pieces like rocks and boulders. Ferns and small plant vegetation, vines.

                  Sorta like this picture for ideas.

                  Click image for larger version

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                    I'd really love some particle effects if anyone is willing play around in Cascade to make some explosions and other such things. I can come up with more detailed list if anyone is willing to do that.
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                      Originally posted by ZacD View Post
                      Here's the blockouts, I'll get them into UE4 soon. Sorry about the wait, I've had a busy week.

                      really good stuff Zac. I enjoyed the variation and scope throughout

                      I would be interested in seeing some of these deployed as cleverly configured blueprints. perhaps add a cool construction script for defining grid sizes, tube lengths and other such transforms
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                        Ugh, sorry guys, I've been way too busy with guests staying at the house for the last 3 weeks. Decided to at least get one prop finished. Realized my scale was off after I took a screen shot. Much more to come.


                          I currently working on this level.
                          What I could need are some materials, textures like sandstone, hieroglyphs and things like that would fit that scenario.

                          Don't expect me/other artists to make things that are too time consuming or level specific
                          I read that, but I think the things I requiered could fit in other scenarios/level too.

                          I like lights with pillar. I think that could fit to my level scenario. ;-)


                            I could definitely do a sandstone.

                            Was going to try to make an asset every other night, but I've been slacking off too much, gotta get quicker.