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Thoughts on guardrails?

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    Thoughts on guardrails?

    Hello all.

    I'm at a point where I'm torn on the map I'm currently working on.

    My question to everyone is this, what's your preference on guardrails for elevated walkways, etc? [see photo]

    On one hand, they look cool and contribute a little aesthetic legitimacy to the map. Conversely, they can get in the way some of the time, and I know there are people that hate them all together.

    I'd love to get a sampling of the current community to help me make my decision. Thanks!

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    The more realistic, the better. Go Guardrails!!!
    They're ok, as long as they don't hinder map flow.
    Guardrails suck...

    The poll is expired.

    If map is an industrial area adapted for the tournament then it is realistic that the guardrails were removed.
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      Originally posted by RushPL View Post
      If map is an industrial area adapted for the tournament then it is realistic that the guardrails were removed.
      I'd go with this ^^


        Personally, If you are going to include guard rail meshes in an area of the map, you better plan for it layout wise so that it has some kind of purpose to the gameplay rather than just simply existing. If I were to make maps for UT4 I'd try choose where meshes with collisions will be placed if they served a purpose regarding gameplay so that they wouldn't end up seeming like they are just kind of "there", and If you intend to include them in your map, I think you should try to do the same in regards to general collision mesh placement. Pre-plan, make sure that they have good collisions, and make sure they dont affect the gameplay in ways that are too adverse, dont make much sense, or are jarring.

        (Maps looking good btw, keep up the good work!)
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          Thanks to everyone for the quick feedback.

          Personally, If you are going to include guard rail meshes in an area of the map, you better plan for it layout wise so that it has some kind of purpose to the gameplay rather than just simply existing.
          Aesthetics aside, my problem was that the initial plan was to put guard rails on the far side of the elevated walkway(see photo in first post, walkway just above the crosshairs).

          If you fall or jump off of the walk way on the side closest to the player in the photo, you don't take z-axis damage, but if you fall or jump off of the far side, it's far enough to hurt the player. I was going to put rails on the far side to keep the player from accidentally back-pedaling or strafing off the harmful side, but then I thought, "well...what if people WANT to bail off of that side for some reason and are willing to take the hit in health?".

          (Maps looking good btw, keep up the good work!)
          Thanks! There's still A LOT to do, hah.


            Personally, I was wondering the same thing and came to a conclusion, if the area is too small packing in too many beams and guard rails if taller may be more annoying, on mine I've decided to use some guard rails but at a height you can shoot over them and/or through them and taking in mind if I want the player to jump on and/or over the rails, and/or in between the open areas of them at only specific points or every area including them as a standard. I do want some of the blocking affect with the projectiles to add some extra challenge with intensity for chance of missing shots and a bit more realistic look and feel overall.

            If the area feels too open, then it might feel better with some guard rails and/or beams, or even shield panel plates, along with some cover options, weather it's crates or other objects.

            Perhaps try testing with and without guard rails and see how it feels navigating and shooting around them.

            There might be an area where you want to lay a trap but you want the guard rails to act as a wedge to keep player from straying too far from the area, especially if the area is too wide and long normally.
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              if you own UT2k4 , check out "DM-1on1-mixer" it has lots of guardrails , they are all (double) jumpable and the player collision on them are wider than the mesh itself , so basically the guardrails are elevated edges.


                I talked about this a bit in my screenshot thread. It's situational, sometimes you want it and sometimes not. If it's a bridge over lava, then definitely, the guardrail should be there (unless you enjoy seeing players dodge into lava; or if it's a secret alternative path which is supposed to be dangerous). These guard rails should be of mantling height, so that you could still jump over them if you really want to, but it wouldn't be easy to do that by accident. Meanwhile, if it's in the middle of a corridor, you don't want it, of any height whatsoever.

                In your example I would prefer if it wasn't there, but instead the edges were clearly marked (in industrial places, the bee pattern works). There are legitimate reasons why you would want to jump down there, and it looks like it doesn't harm to do so even if you end up down there by accident. If you're backing up, then chances are you'd rather fall down than get stuck on a wall, anyway (getting stuck means you're easy prey, falling down means the enemy loses line of sight).
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                  I actually like guard rails on some maps, as it allows players to skillfully maneuver around on top of them and avoid being easily susceptible to splash damage.


                    I would think of it like this: you need to have a good reason for them for every single use in your map. You can't just go "this is realistic", place them everywhere and then have a specific reason to remove them.

                    That said, in general I would be more likely to use them for something that is a bridge instead of having them where just one edge meets a drop off. That makes the bridge feel more like a safe crossing over an area and the single edge feels more like a scary cliff.
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                      Thanks for all of the helpful and constructive feedback.


                        My thoughts on guardrails are simple: Have them there and match the aesthetic of the map/environment, but have them low enough they can be easily jumped on/over (and not double-jumped or wall-dodged onto, just a regular jump should get you up and over), so they don't limit the motion of a determined player.