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UT Level Designs. Feedback Appreciated

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    [CONCEPT ART] UT Level Designs. Feedback Appreciated

    Hi, I've been working on a few 2D representations of new UT maps lately and would appreciate feedback on weapon placement; design features etc before I either create the level myself or hand it over to someone else who is willing to do so. I've set the prefix as concept art however, as you can see it's more of a design. Let me know if I should change it to "prototype"

    The way the designs work is that the lighter the colouring, the higher up that part of the map is. Ramps are therefore represented by gradients. 100% white means that it is a wall. (although this may be hard to distinguish depending on your monitor's brightness and contrast) Dotted lines represent a part of the map which is obscured. eg a walkway that goes beneath another walkway or a door underneath a platform. Orange represents a hazardous zone eg lava or a bottomless pit.

    Here is a key for pickups in the map. I've used the 2k4 shields as icons because they are easy to understand.

    Here are the maps: (only one at the moment but hopefully more to come)