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Brainstorming: What have you done with your level(s) to utilize the EU4 engine?

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    So far I've used the Blueprints to create an automated trap in DM-Hydraulics:

    And I'm currently working on DM-Lazerworks where many elements of the map can be modified using triggers and stuff:

    This is maybe not the most advanced uses of UE4 you can make, but it definitely is gameplay oriented.
    Maps: DM-Hydraulics | DM-Affliction
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      Great path guys! This is the first glimpse of next gen I've seen. I hope its explore and pushed to the limits.
      @ -jay- :
      continuing with your map ideas; I imagine a space station melt down:
      -power source/ transformer explosion..
      -lights go out.
      -battery back up, smaller emergency lights come on. some warning red flashing lights.
      -evidence of electrics on the blitz - sparks from lights ect..
      -backup generator kicks in: lights back on.
      - warning announcements
      - artificial gravity generator starts failing , map goes low gravity for a bit.
      - gravity comes on full strength .
      -gravity rotates to the wall just slow enough to get a frag or two in (as per the inception vid)
      - Gravity comes to rest on the ceiling where the gameplay is also designed to be played.
      - The failures could be player activated through damage to property.. Eg take out a transformer a player is running by and it explodes and takes out the player, triggering the next failure sequence.
      Other failures:
      -a fires breaks out in a room.
      - smoke fills adjacent room.
      - water sprinklers kick-in. slippery surfaces.
      - a lift jump gets stuck half way, or fails in some way to become dangerous to use. ( sparks)

      - or do a split gravity thing.(even if just a particular room)
      Any player that jumps higher than half way to the ceiling will quickly twist and fall to the ceiling to continue game play on ceiling (in full grav).
      - I picture a room with two jump pads. One on the ceiling . One on the floor; and two players simultaneously jumping towards each other trying to 'take each other out' mid air upside down.
      - add a couple more failure / senerios . and make it so the failures can be cycled : (eg : fire breaks, fire extinguished, water drys up.)

      Be sure to be encourage interesting gameplay and not over whelm it. The possibilities are fantastic..
      I truely love classic gameplay and maps, though as I get back into playing UT.. maps like Deck are feeling very static and somewhat stale. I hope dynamic maps are fully explored!!

      more ideas:
      -as gravity is rolling from floor , to wall, to ceiling: have one room with water that does the same.(maybe weapons, ammo, objects and gibs too) Players avoiding the water while fighting.
      - Shield room : a broken window could suck a player or debree or shield (ect..) into space. emergency shutters close and seal off window. Shutter opens later ( or on shield spawn) to a fixed window.
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        Gravity is a theme that seems to passionate many. I will more go for small AI robots crawling on walls or trying to clean up the mess the players do in the map in DM-Hydraulics. Could also be advanced animations to create a realistic and intriguing level. Could be automated cameras running alone a ceiling rail, etc...

        Plenty of possibilities !
        RASTE IN PEACE !
        Maps: DM-Hydraulics | DM-Affliction
        Weapon: Redeemer


          Id like to see a feature similar to OPs lightning. The map should be more or less dark exept for the rooms/areas a player is in. When the player leaves the area, lightning should start to dim slowly till its "dark" again. Could make for a nice atmosphere and would provide some aditional info about the other players in the map. (Im thinking about areas kinda 20-25m radius here)