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Level Design for Unreal Torunament

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    Level Design for Unreal Torunament

    I like a level design which combines nature and technical points.

    Maybe like a map like this :

    A very large placed map.
    A medium sized lost station in it.
    Outside rusty walls (intact and broken ones) and grass growing everywhere on the ground and sometimes on the walls.
    The interior of the startion with darker tunnels and rooms with small lights and some flickering ones.
    Some places of the map with much space ... some with narrow tunnels.
    In the intrior of the station should have some elevator platforms ... so there should be different floors.

    The other map style i would like very much would be bright maps outside.
    Like the map in the pre-alpha named "DM-NickTest1"
    Most times in the UT Games the maps were darker ones.
    I would like a map feeling like a bright sunny day outside.
    Thats why i like the lightning of "DM-NickTest1".

    Hope that this will find its way in Unreal Tournament.

    What do you think about themed maps like that?
    Any other whishes or ideas for that?

    Currently all maps are closed arenas, I don't know why there aren't maps such as ut2004 antalus as an example, a wide area with grass and mountains you can climb with elevators to go into middle spot, something like maps from shootmania would also be cool, open areas with daylight skyboxes, grass, walls that are ruins of ancient houses! just idea


      And then add day/night cycle. That'll be cool and forces change of strategy (or not)


        To be honest, except for the light bits, nothing of that is really about level design, it's mostly about art. Even if you have a specific art style in mind, all maps will start out as very basic shells with only functional light, little or no texturing. Then once you have the layout done, you start adding the shiny bits like sunlight.

        As for terrain, it hasn't really been in UE4 for a very long time and I don't think it has any documentation. It will come. And if you really want something, make it.
        /Jonas - -


          Check out DM-Temple (bit of self advertising )

          It's a large, bright, mainly outdoor map of temple ruins. Also once textured it will be overgrown with vines and stuff. Although its not industrial it might peak your interest