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    UT Whitebox Challenge

    @Mods: I was conflicted about posting this here or under Level Design. Feel free to move it. Also, I hope it's ok that I'm posting this here. If not, please let me know.

    Hello all,

    My name is Johnny van Spronsen, aka SpronyvanJohnson, a writer for In case you are unfamiliar with us:

    MapCore is a game development community with origins in Half-Life mod production, which has since evolved into a thriving forum for all flavours of game development including level design, modelling, concept art, and programming. With 100+ members part of the professional games industry working for the likes of Blizzard, Crytek, DICE, Gearbox, Rockstar, and Ubisoft, MapCore offers a unique opportunity for professionals and amateurs alike to socialise, learn, teach, and find talent.

    Recently I run a poll asking our community for which engine they would like to see a challenge. UE4 was very popular that's why we created the challenge below. Most of you here will already be heavy into UT editing but still, it might be an incentive for some:

    Here's a copy and paste:

    Requirements: Unreal Tournament, UE4 license

    Our engine poll clearly demonstrated an interest in Source and UE4 challenges. Since most of our community comes from a BSP background we can imagine that many will be reluctant to build something in UE4. That’s why we’ve come up with the UE4 Whitebox Challenge. You are free to use a modeling program but layouts can still be done with good old brush work. So there’s no excuse now!

    In short: Mapcore challenges you to create a UE4 whitebox level.

    As you might know the base game of the new Unreal Tournament has been released and it's playable in multiplayer. Everyone with a current or former UE4 license can develop content for this game.

    Your level should only feature basic geometry without textures and must be playable online. Your focus is to create a level that's fun to play without worrying about the visuals. You are free to decide how you are going to do that. Pick your game mode, add whatever you like to make sure that people enjoy playing against each other. Whitebox levels should contain minimal detail but this shouldn’t limit you if you want to go crazy.

    This challenge will run from 01-09-14 to 28-09-14. The goal of this challenge is not to win prizes but to get familiar with UE4. We encourage you to submit your map on the Unreal site so that if your work is good enough, you might have a chance that it gets picked up.

    Unreal Tournament Website:
    Unreal Tournament Forums:
    Unreal Tournament Wiki: http://wiki.unrealen...real_Tournament
    Mapcore UE4 Whitebox Challenge Submissions thread:

    Bumping this since it has officially started.


      I would love to see people from this forum participating in this challenge. It's a great match, honestly - the whitebox nature of it matches very well with where UT is in its current state of development, and the winners are being voted on by the community.

      I can't express enough how important these whitebox maps are to a project like UT. At this stage of development we typically have 20-30 maps (or even just ideas for maps) that we play through and experiment with. This type of experimentation is what drives innovation, and helps us really learn the ins and outs of the game. Even a "bad map" helps us learn WHY it failed, and that's super important to understanding the core of the game and making the maps that we do ship even better.

      So don't be afraid to try something, even if its just a single room or small arena. By entering this type of contest, you're helping not only yourself, but the entire community. Participants are likely to get some good feedback, and hopefully learn some new tricks along the way!
      Jim Brown
      Epic Games


        No it's, ands or buts - I'm submitting FOUR maps by months' end. Blocking out a BASIC layout is cake, but blocking out something with more detail and is creative layout-wise (to the point of 'hasn't been done b4' - or, conversely, homage) is the very definition of 'stepping it up.'

        Yes, I DO have themes in mind just as the already blocked-out levels from EPIC'S core team have, YES my maps will be intended to have some elemental pizzazz like slippery ice patches and riding down waterfalls, YES they--- alright I'll shush once I have stuff to show.


          *bump* I figured this thread should be more visible to people working on maps so they know where to submit their maps


            Originally posted by Quadj130 View Post
            *bump* I figured this thread should be more visible to people working on maps so they know where to submit their maps
            I have a map I could submit, maybe two. Would have to check how to submit the maps
            RASTE IN PEACE !
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              I thought I would share some screenshots of the amazing stuff that these guys are developing:

              Russel "Castle" Maekim:

              Chris "2d-Chris" Kay:

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                Last day guys! Don't forget to submit on time!


                  RASTE IN PEACE !
                  Maps: DM-Hydraulics | DM-Affliction
                  Weapon: Redeemer


                    I just submitted my level. I am also creating a prototype thread in the level design forums.
                    - Russell Meakim AKA The Castle
                    Twitter: @zZCastleZz