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    [PROTOTYPE] map problems

    hi. can anyone help me with my map. cant figure out how to do path nodes or how to place them or where to find them..also if I try to cook the map it fails can not find any of the materials I have used.
    and I cant find a real tutorial on how to build a map for UT-CTF start to finish. any help would be grate. id like to be able to release the map for testing / play

    twocenst / platnumspider
    AKA TwocensT

    Path nodes are not used anymore. There is an automatic pathing system called nav mesh. As for your error if you could post a screenshot maybe i could figure that out. Setting up a ctf map requires the flags of course. There is also options in the world settings for changing the game type. I'm not posting from my PC or i would screenshot out for you. Its not hard to find though. I believe you still need to prefix the map name with CTF_ as well.
    Mike :aka: thatscrawnykid
    Artist for Chaos: UT


      ok finally got it working. now what do I do with the cooked map. and how can I put it on a server or create a server online.
      its a igctf map.
      AKA TwocensT


        can't compile with new 4.4.1 editor and current build.....where can i get the dill?

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        AKA TwocensT