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Signage / Directions for maps. Download Available

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    Signage / Directions for maps. Download Available


    Download the ZIP and extract it into your UT Editor Folder. For example C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UnrealTournamentEditor\UnrealTournament\Content\

    This blueprint is a decal system i built to better mark my map DM-LDK. I noticed new players get lost easily on new maps and this would help them navigate better.
    Also... i see UT as an arena. Ergo its a sport. And every sport has some guidance on the playing field. For example the lines on a football field. So to me this makes sense.

    The download link is
    Filesize = 1MB

    I do not take credit for the art. I merely cleaned up the mini map's icons and increased their texture size.

    Here is a quick overview.

    Pretty cool. I have been redesigning all the OSHA/HAZMAT/etc. signs I can find into texture files (meaning I am creating original, consistent dimension, hi-res versions (both worn and pristine variations)) so they can be imported into UT for people to use in industrial maps. Understanding the decal system was something I had yet to tackle, and here by looking at what you made, it is considerably more concise and clear how the process works. Awesome. TY.